Chapter 3 on the Road to 160.

This 3rd chapter on my road to 160 included a 24hr illness and my trip to New Zealand. I missed almost 2 weeks of Transform:20 workouts and I started on meds again for my bipolar 2.

I’ve got 12 bunny stickers on my water bottle. I’m down 23.5lbs.

This has been an interesting month, I’ve made it to my 1st goal weight and surpassed it a couple of times. The scale has been a bit of a yo-yo but I know why and while it’s driving me a tiny bit crazy, I’m okay with it.

I’m back on track with Transform:20, still making good choices with my meals and I lost 4.5lbs this past month.

*Edited to add some progress photos. I started at 224lbs and didn’t take photos but had these from a similar weight. I can definitely see and feel the changes ❤️





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