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Happy New Year!

We spent New Year’s with the Jacob’s. The kids played the night away. The adults ate lots of great food, played pictionary man and mad gab. It was a great night. Alex even stayed up until about 11:30 then nursed to sleep, but woke up to the noise of kids screaming happy new year and horns blowing loudly! The funniest part of the night was when we pulled into our driveway. All the kiddos were asleep. We looked back and Katie had fallen asleep with a piece of celery in her mouth. It was hilarious! Pictures of course.


Happy New Year!

I wanted to write this big old post saying “goodbye” 2006 and “hello” 2007..

But I really have no motivation to write much of anything right now..

There are a lot of things I want to do differently in 2007, but I’m afraid to type everything down because it’s setting myself up for failure.

So I’ll summarize by saying this.

I would like to restore my relationship with Christ first and foremost. I would like to go through this marriage counseling with Brian with an open heart and mind geared toward change as we prepare for renewing our vows! I would like to have stronger relationships with my daughters, focusing on love and respect. I would like to get myself together, meaning getting back into the swing of things with counseling and staying on top of my meds and pdoc appointments. I want to lose the extra weight I’m carrying. I want to focus on IRL relationships.

Hope everyone has a healthy and happy 2007!