Knocked Up, The Kids


I started spotting today and it comes and goes, no cramping. I called my ob and they said not to worry unless I started cramping badly and it was heavy, or pain on either side. I spent a lot of the day laying around. Took the girls to school and picked them up and not much else. Thankfully I had a lot of support from Ella today. I really needed it.

Poor Katie was outside playing and got stung by a bee right before coming into the house, she was literally stepping foot inside when she started screaming. At first I didn’t know what was wrong, but Brian said he saw a bee and then I saw the little red dot and a welt directly on her elbow.

I have a ton of pictures to post, I keep meaning to do it but have yet to get to it.

Thanks again for all the congrats, I hope it’s a sticky baby.. Guess we’ll just wait and see..