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And the clock keeps on ticking..

Today I’m 37wks! Alex can come out whenever he wants now. Brianna came at 40+1 and Katie at 39.. I would rather have him early than be overdue! I’m more than ready to have him out and share him now, plus I can’t wait to see his cute little buns all fluffed out in cloth! I have my appt. today. Last week they started internals and did the GBS test.  I was 0 dilated, firm and long. With my history of doing no change before going into labor I wasn’t surprised!

Brian has a lot going on at work and would like Alex to come anytime now as well so he can take off, LOL.. He is really excited about this little boys arrival and thinks it will be next week sometime.

Brianna’s last day of Kindy is today. I can’t believe it. Where has this year gone? I feel so sad that I wasn’t the best mom I could have been for her this year with being so sick most of it or so uncomfortable and irritable. She’s going to miss her friends, so we’ll have to set up lots of playdates and keep in touch.  Her class had a fieldtrip to the zoo yesterday. I went as well as Katie, my Mom and Dwight (who got layed off 😦 last week I think it was). Brianna really wanted to go with her friend Eden, it was a really laid back trip. So I let her go off with Eden and her Mom and another little girl. She was thrilled. I was walking around like a snail and so uncomfortable anyway and Katie was super whiny. I’m glad that I made her last field trip a fun one, by not trying to be involved LOL.

Katie was done with preschool last week. My poor girl. The reason she was so whiny yesterday was she was getting sick. I thought it was just plain old allergies, but it wasn’t. Had a fever last night of 102. Threw up in our bed and complained of her ears hurting.. I’m getting her into the ped. today. If she has an ear infection that is the 2nd one this year.

Alright, I know I have more to say, but my brain is starting to falter…

Knocked Up

Pass the zofran please…

We a long night..

I was sick all day, not sure whether or not it was getting the rotavirus from watching baby Sophie or not, but I went to the ER..

I was so dehydrated that 4 people couldn’t get a line in to draw blood and I have really good veins. They were able to get a line for the iv though (which hurt really bad, I couldn’t even extend my arm after they did it, but they didn’t want to mess with it since it was the only place they were able to get!) so after I had about a 1/2 liter the fifth nurse was able to stick me to get my labs. Everything came back ok.

And I haven’t gotten sick since, they put Zofran in the IV as well (why didn’t I do this the other two times I was dying from being so sick)..

Poor Brian didn’t eat dinner until almost 11:30.. He wouldn’t leave me by myself.

My brother taped LOST for us but we were able to catch most of it in the hospital (priorities right?)

Anyway.. I’m feeling better today. I have a script for Zofran that I will fill just in case. I’m still feeling on the weak side so I’m going to chill and be at my Mom’s today.. Nothing like being pampered by Mom (yes I know I’m a complete mama’s girl).. Hopefully I can eat today..

Knocked Up

Congrats!! thats great :)))

~It’s a boy~

I keep saying oh my gosh over and over again. The tech said everything was perfect and asked if we had any names picked out. We said a maybe girl name, and she told us to scrap it because it was a boy!!! Crazy!!!! Brian is over the moon and so am I. Right after the U/S we went and got some little boy clothes!!! Now we just need a name LOL.. Any suggestions?