New and exciting!

I switched over to wordpress with my own domain name. I just got done moving all my LJ entries over. I used a program I found via Google. It got most enties in, There were about 200 missing. I just manually did a whole bunch, so I am up to date, just older entries are missing. I’m to tired to figure out how to do it again. So oh well. Looking forward to being in a new place.

It’s going on 1am though. I’m tired and Alex is most likely going to be waking up any second. I should probably get to bed now!



I have everything wrapped and ready to go for the girls and Brian! Wahoo!


I still have 5 hat/scarf sets to crochet.

My hands aren’t cooperating as well as my busy schedule!

Must get this stuff done!!!

And another note…

Do not let the man from the “meat truck” remotely near your door. He’s scary and walks right into your house even with protests and proceeds to display all his meat products on your family room floor, demanding you give him a price. Very frightening experience..



I’m really tired and I have to get the laundry in the dryer folded so that I can finish up the diaper laundry. It has taken all day..

I took Brianna and Katie to  the Clay Cafe and they painted ceramics for the grandparents for Christmas. They should be done by Fri. I’ll be sure to take pics of their work, they did such an awesome job. We met Kendra and Evie at another place that I thought did it, but it turned out they haven’t done it in a year, so we found Clay Cafe in Grandview. It was a fun place, they gave me a $10 gift certificate too, I’ll definitely be going back soon!

I made a really good cake last night. The recipe is called “better than sex cake”. It was very good, but not better than sex. Plus it was something outrageous at 555 calories a slice. But like I said, really good. I’m going to have to have sex to work off some of the calories LOL.

I started back in the nursery today. It was nice being back and hanging out with Mandi again. Alex is such a big boy compared to the other babies.

I ordered Katie a personalized tea set for Christmas.

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is right around the corner.

I’ve been feeling blah lately, not sure exactly why. I’m hoping to snap out of it soon.



An interesting thought from Shane Claiborne and Chris Haw in their book Jesus for President.

“For Jesus and his followers, the central question was, How do we live faithfully to God? It [the central question] was not How do we run the world as Christians … how do I run this profit-driven corporation as a Christian … how can we make culture more Christian … how would a responsible Christian run this war. But Jesus taught that his followers—or even the Son of God!—should not attempt to “run the world” (p. 167).


Christmas is around the corner..

And I have no idea what to get the girls Brianna. Katie is super easy, because she loves playing with ponies, petshops, anything pretend play. She is really into having tea parties, so I got her a set that comes in a wicker case and has the teapot personalized with her name.

I just don’t want to get Brianna DS and Wii games. She needs something else. She loves to play board games and card games, but we pretty much have them all already. I was thinking something more educational or artistic. Maybe craft stuff?

And then there is Brian, but I don’t think we are really buying for each other this year.

I am making my mom a scarf, she already told me the color she likes and I was going to make my brother a hat.

I also need to figure out what to get the inlaws as well as my parents from the kids. I was thinking of them making something like they did last year. Or getting our family portrait done and framing it nice for them. I don’t know.

Anyone have any ideas??


Student of the Month

Cypress Christian School has started to do more student recognition on a monthly and quarterly basis. I got a call this afternoon letting me know that Brianna was nominated and selected to be Mrs. Mann’s Student of the Month, based upon the Fruit of the Spirit found in Galatians 5:22!

Galatians 5:22

22But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,

She will receive an award certificate and be recognized at the last chapel of the month. And she will be honored at a breakfast tomorrow morning and gets to invite one guest, she asked me to go.

She also has been recognized for excellent attendance!

I’m so incredibly proud of her!!


Christmas shopping list

Champions: A Look Back at the Phillies Triumphant 2008 Season
Serta 3-Pound Molded Memory Foam Pillow
2008 Philadelphia Phillies: The Official World Series Film
Wii 2000 Points Card
Wii Classic Controller
Wii Classic Controller Grip

(Santa stocking stuffers)
american girl doll kit (wrapped) (Grandma & Grandpop)
american girl doll clothes kit’s school outfit (Brian & I)
american girl accessories kit’s school lunch (Brian & I)
american girl book kit learns a lesson (Brian & I)
american girl doll clothes kit’s holiday outfit (PopPop & Gitta)
american girl book kit’s surprise (PopPop & Gitta)
american girl doll hairbrush (PopPop & Gitta)
mommy & me bracelet set (Me)
mario kart & wii wheel (Brian & I)
Super Collapse 3 (Santa)
Operation (Santa)
sleeping beauty dvd (Santa)
annie dvd (Santa)
american girl 300 wishes game (Santa)

Rubik’s Cube Brain Teaser Puzzle with Helpful Hints (Santa)
Hannah Montana: Music Jam (Santa)
Camp Rock [Audio CD] (Santa)

(santa stocking stuffers)
personalized tea set (Santa)
Littlest Pet Shop – 10 Pack of Pets Asst 1 (Santa)
My Little Pony Anniversary Set (Santa)
my little pony (Santa)
american girl bitty baby (wrapped) (Grandma & Grandpop)
american girl bitty baby starter collection (PopPop & Gitta)
american girl bitty baby changing set basics (wrapped) (PopPop & Gitta)
american girl bitty baby evergreen holiday set (Brian & I)
mommy & me bracelet set (Me)
Journey to the Center of the Earth (Brian & I)
mario kart & wii wheel (Brian & I)
Rhino Rampage Game (Santa)
101 dalmations dvd (Santa)
Firehouse Dog (Full Screen Edition) (Santa)
Noodleboro Fun Park Sharing Game (Santa)

PlaySkool Wheel Pals 6PK (Santa)
Fisher-Price Go Baby Go Crawl and Cruise Musical Jungle (Grandma & Grandpop)



WASHINGTONPresident Bush congratulated President-Elect Obama Wednesday, offering a moving tribute to his successor that invoked Martin Luther King and the struggle for civil rights.

“No matter how they cast their ballots, all Americans can be proud of the history that was made yesterday,” Bush said from the Rose Garden of the White House.

“Many of our citizens thought they would never live to see that day,” Bush said. “This moment is especially uplifting for a generation of Americans who witnessed the struggle for civil rights with their own eyes and, four decades later, see a dream fulfilled.”


I’m crying..

History has been made. I seriously never thought I would see the day that an african american would be elected president. We have come so far, I feel blessed to have been able to be apart of it! I wish my Nana was still here to have been apart of it too.

Congratulations Barack Obama!


I’m tired.

The Phillies won the world series and Brian of course was ecstatic!! He left Thursday afternoon to drive to Philly for the parade being held on Friday. He stood for 7 hours on Friday, to witness all the Phillies goodness 🙂 He came home on Sat.

I was a single parent to 3 for the first time. It went alright. Thursday we had cell group at our house, so I was slightly frazzled getting ready for everyone to come. I completely missed worship because Alex wanted to nurse, but it was good discussion.

Friday I was running around like a crazy woman. The kids had school, I was baking and making food for dinner. I had to get my brother’s camera because Brian had taken ours to Philly. I set up a basket of candy by the front door and then we took off for the Davis’s. We had a lot of fun. The girls got a ton of candy and even Alex was in on the fun. I need to upload pics. Brianna was Sharpay from High School Musical, Katie Ms. Stephanie from Lazytown and Alex was a dalmation puppy.

Sat. the kids went to my parents while I volunteered in the cafe for the craft bazaar at Brianna’s school. It was a quick 2 hours. I actually didn’ tmind it at all, I was on hotdog duty.

I’ve been kind of quiet lately, you know how I can get, especially when I have a ton going on.

We are working really hard on our relationship with Brianna and she has her first counseling session this coming Sat. I also *finally* scheduled her birthday party, yeah, her birthday was the first week of Aug. Opps. She’s having a sleepover with girls from church and her class.

The sermon on Sunday was about marriage and love and respect. Brian and I decided we needed to read through the love and respect book again. But just the sermon alone has reinvigorated our marriage! It’s awesome.

I’ve been reading and hope to comment soon.

Got to go do some special time with each of the girls and get Alex down to bed!

Ella, I’m glad we got to talk today. It was much needed. I had missed you dearly!