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Alex is 4 months old!

Alex is 4 months!

He doesn’t have his well baby until the end of the month so not sure what his stats are yet, but he is doing awesome! He loves to be in his ultrasaucer, anything to do with standing or sitting and he is happy. I moved him to his britax boulevard already because of how long and heavy he is, but mostly because he kept straining his little neck in the infant carrier trying to sit up! Now he is sitting and much happier LOL! He wants to be a big boy so badly, it’s really cute. He eyes his sisters and smiles constantly at them and you can just see his brain working at trying to figure out how he can move like they do!

I’m in love with this little man!

Pictures, The Kids

Brianna’s first day of 1st grade!

It was last Friday. She had a lot of fun. Has a lot of the same kiddos in her class this year. I still can’t get over the fact that she is a 1st grader! Time is just way to short 😦

Always got to have the pic in front of our tree!

Katie had to get in the picture too

Brianna and Mrs. Mann

Found her name tag and Mrs. Mann helped her put it on.

Sitting at her desk!

Katie saying she wanted to stay 😦