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Is eating a giraffe considered homework?

Brianna needed to work on spelling words. Katie decided to work on letters, which that in itself is a miracle! Alex decided to join in on the fun by trying to consume the head of a giraffe. Thankfully the giraffe didn’t mind!

So peaceful….

*suck, suck, suck*

Practice makes perfect.

The letter b has a stick with a bubble on it!

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Happy New Year!

We spent New Year’s with the Jacob’s. The kids played the night away. The adults ate lots of great food, played pictionary man and mad gab. It was a great night. Alex even stayed up until about 11:30 then nursed to sleep, but woke up to the noise of kids screaming happy new year and horns blowing loudly! The funniest part of the night was when we pulled into our driveway. All the kiddos were asleep. We looked back and Katie had fallen asleep with a piece of celery in her mouth. It was hilarious! Pictures of course.

Holidays, My Husband, Pictures, The Kids

Christmas 2008!

We spent time with Paula and Michael on Tuesday. We had to spend the night at my parents due to ice that night. My Dad fell outside trying to show me just how slick it was. Alex was awake from 1-3am, fussy because of his cold. We hung out in Dwight’s room, he was playing Warcraft and watching Heroes. Brian left to get to the house and then to work. Paula and Michael left around 8am and it took them 1hr to get 3 miles because of the road conditions and accidents. Brian got off work early and picked us up. We went home, got ourselves together and then went to LCC for the Christmas Eve Service. We got there late because traffic outside Walmart was unbelievable, they had shut down the road, because Walmart was trying to close and people kept trying to get inside.  The band did Christmas songs. Then Hilary and Jeff Sloat read a story to the kids. After that Tom did a mini sermon which included picking Alex up and using him as a visual of baby Jesus and why he was sent to us.  It was really powerful.

Brianna tried to get up around 1am, I wasn’t surprised! Brian let her know not to wake us up again until after 6. She and Katie came in at exactly 6:05.  The girls were in awe of all the presents.  Brian read us  “The Newborn King”. Alex’s only interest in the story was trying to eat the book. Then we opened stockings and Santa presents. The last presents to be opened were the treasured American Girl dolls. Brianna was looking worried up until that point, she was sure she wasn’t getting one after Santa fell through. The look on her face is priceless! We took mostly video of them opening up those gifts. We hung out, cleaned up, ate breakfast and then made our way to my parents house. We opened up gifts there, hung out, had lots of food. That is about it. It was a pretty low key Christmas.

I still can’t believe it’s all over. All the planning, shopping, wrapping and it’s over.

I’m slightly depressed actually.

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Poor baby boy..

Alex had his first trip to the ped. for an illness. I took him in on Wed. and he was dx’d with a double ear infection. Poor boy. He absolutely hates amoxicillin. He spit up his entire first dosage. He is starting to feel better now though.

And pictures,  because I promised. Took these today..

Pictures, The Kids

Alex is 4 months old!

Alex is 4 months!

He doesn’t have his well baby until the end of the month so not sure what his stats are yet, but he is doing awesome! He loves to be in his ultrasaucer, anything to do with standing or sitting and he is happy. I moved him to his britax boulevard already because of how long and heavy he is, but mostly because he kept straining his little neck in the infant carrier trying to sit up! Now he is sitting and much happier LOL! He wants to be a big boy so badly, it’s really cute. He eyes his sisters and smiles constantly at them and you can just see his brain working at trying to figure out how he can move like they do!

I’m in love with this little man!