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I thought I was done with being sick!

The last time I was sick was last Thursday. I threw up and was in bed all day feeling like crap. I have thrown up twice today and feel weak and just bad.. I’m really tired of all this. The only thing making me feel better is feeling that baby bean wiggling around in there, but that is not constant..

I am on my third pair of pants!

That is just wrong!

Knocked Up

Is it too good to be true??

I think I have turned the corner with this morning sickness. I’m starting to feel a lot better and get things done during the day. I still get super tired, especially if I’m out walking around a lot, like with Christmas shopping. The only thing is that I have been needing to go to bed around 8:00-8:30… Last night I didn’t even make it to 8! Poor Brian barely sees me these days. Oh well, I would rather be tired and sleeping than sick and throwing up!

Thank you for all the prayers!

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12 wk appt. and more sickies..

I had my 12 wk appt. today. It went well. I was slightly dehydrated from being sick and lost weight, not sure how much. I didn’t ask.. Baby’s heart rate was 160 🙂

Katie was dx’d yesterday with a double ear infection.

And Heather, yes, we plan to find out what the sex of the baby is!

Oh and one more question, those who have been pregnant or are now, did you get the AFP done or not. I did with the girls but it was more because it was routine. They gave me a choice this time.. Not sure..

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Please let the sickies go!

I want all this sickness gone from my house, especially before Christmas.

Katie and I have pink eye.

Brianna is getting over pneumonia w/asthma.. She was on zithromax and has to take an albuterol inhaler every 4 hours. She missed 6.5 days of school.

Brian is now sick as well..

On the upside, the last two days morning sickness hasn’t been bad at all.. So hopefully I’m coming to an end of that..

I’ve pretty much been away from the computer, we had internet issues so I was offline for two days and just taking care of everyone and feeling sick myself..

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving..

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Happy Halloween

If I get one more, I think it might be twins comments, I think I will jump off a cliff! I could barely sleep last night because I kept having dreams of getting U/S and there being two babies.. Even Katie’s prediction is boy and girl.. LOL.. Guess we will see next week. I had my first appt. today and it was just blood work and paperwork. No biggie.. My U/S is next Thurs. I also had an accident with a power drill today.. I’ll post the picture. I went crazy putting up a decorative rod and the tie-backs to match. On the last tie-back I slipped with the drill, which had a philips head bit in it and sliced my finger.. I was in hysterics. Brian had trouble understanding me I was crying so badly over the phone. It still hurts really badly.. We went to friends tonight and the guys all took the kiddos trick or treating.. Then we finished the night by playing guitar hero.. I just used the controller so as not to aggravate my finger..

I hope everyone is doing well..

Happy Halloween..

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Exhaustion has set in..

My little escapade into heartburn land early this morning was not fun. I ended up getting into bed around 4:30am and it was still bothering me a little but not nearly as severe as it had been. I woke up to my alarm at 7am and slept until 7:30..

I did alright today. I ended up falling asleep at 4:30pm and didn’t wake up until 7pm. Brian gets home at 5pm and the girls were watching a movie. I was out cold. He fixed dinner for himself and the girls and they were playing legos quietly and Brian was doing some work on the laptop. I still feel really tired. About to go to bed.

Oh, here’s my 12dpo Answer from yesterday. It was in the cabinet just screaming to be peed on LOL.. I will admit that I’m slightly obsessed with the pee sticks!

Katie’s fieldtrip to Kuhlwein’s Farm was a lot of fun so I will leave you with pictures!

Katie and I before the festivities began!

Katie’s first encounter with the calf. It was licking her shirt in this picture LOL. It was very hard to take because the kids were swarming that calf! It was so soft!

Baby bunnies, so adorable!

The corn maze was awesome! Katie loved finding her way through it.

Finally after searching and searching, Katie picks her pumpkin, it had to be the biggest one there!

Loaded back onto the wagon with our new huge pumpkin! That thing weighed a ton!

Gotta have snack! A donut, animal crackers and some juice!

We finally had the calf all to ourselves! So sweet and soft! Katie’s favorite part of the field trip!

Of course they had a bouncy, and Katie loves those! The kids had a blast! Katied ended up bouncing right out of the entrance to get in and slide down the little slide. She thought that was so funny and it was a great segway to leave!

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I started spotting today and it comes and goes, no cramping. I called my ob and they said not to worry unless I started cramping badly and it was heavy, or pain on either side. I spent a lot of the day laying around. Took the girls to school and picked them up and not much else. Thankfully I had a lot of support from Ella today. I really needed it.

Poor Katie was outside playing and got stung by a bee right before coming into the house, she was literally stepping foot inside when she started screaming. At first I didn’t know what was wrong, but Brian said he saw a bee and then I saw the little red dot and a welt directly on her elbow.

I have a ton of pictures to post, I keep meaning to do it but have yet to get to it.

Thanks again for all the congrats, I hope it’s a sticky baby.. Guess we’ll just wait and see..

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Katie’s Birthstory (for my memories)

Katie, my precious baby girl,

You are such an amazing addition to our family and a beautiful blessing from God. I love you so very much and I will always love you. Nothing could ever change that. I wanted to share with you the story of your birth, a life changing experience I will never forget!

I had been having contractions for quite awhile; in fact I thought I was in labor with you the weekend before you were born! My last day at work was June 25, 2004 and I had been having pretty regular and painful contractions all day long. Saturday was some of the same and I had thoughts of you making your appearance a week early as my due date was July 4, 2004. I woke up Saturday night to some uncomfortable contractions and decided to get up and see what they were doing. I woke up your Dad and we went downstairs. I sat on my birthing ball and we watched the rest of Bad Boys II (we had started it the weekend before, when I had woken up to the same kind of contractions). Your Dad massaged my lower back because that is where most of my pain was. Nothing seemed to be working with the pain. It was a different pain than I had with Brianna’s birth. I decided to try and get some sleep, so we went up to bed. I never really got comfortable and the contractions were definitely staying and getting increasingly more uncomfortable. We got up around 8am and decided not to go to church. I was pretty miserable. I called Popi and Abuela and said I thought I was in labor and we were coming over. As we were getting ready to leave, I would have to get down on all fours to try to alleviate the pain and pressure of the contractions; they felt like they were in my lower back. Brianna would try to crawl under me during this time, which was quite comical, and even though I was in pain I let her do it. She didn’t understand! The ride to Abuela and Popi’s house was very uncomfortable. I just tried to stay focused and work through the contractions. I would lean against the wall, get on all fours, lean against the stairs, and try to sleep/rest as much as possible. I was timing the contractions, and the times got closer and closer, about 3 minutes I think. I said I was ready to go, so I called Dr. Ruedrich’s office. They were going to page the on call doctor and I was to wait for them to call back within 20 minutes. I couldn’t wait that long. I wanted to leave for the hospital right then! So we said goodbye to Brianna. She asked where we were going and we said the store. Your sister was in that asking a lot of questions stage, and I really didn’t want to go into details right then. I wanted to get to the hospital! I believe it was 3:30pm. During the ride the contractions were not as intense and I started to fear that I wasn’t in actual labor. The doctor didn’t call so I had him paged again. We pulled up to Riverside Methodist Hospital, and parked up at the door with valet. As we got there, Dr. Jenkins called. I told him I was in labor and that we had just arrived at the hospital because I couldn’t wait. He said something to make me laugh. He said that I could go on upstairs and they would see what my progress was, and if I were at a 1 or 2 they would watch to see if I made any progress. I got off the phone thinking, he doesn’t think I’m in labor because I was laughing with him and didn’t appear to be in much pain, though I really was. We got upstairs, sat down and filled out paperwork. They got me to a room and I got undressed and into a gown. The nurse came in and put on the fetal monitor. Then the checked me and sure enough, I was at 4 centimeters. We were staying to have a baby! They monitored me for a little while. I said I was going to have an epidural so they got my fluids going. They gave me some antibiotics as well because they weren’t sure if I was Group B Strep or not. It turned out that I didn’t need it because they found my paperwork and I was negative for that. I got out of bed and got on the birthing ball to try and help my back. It worked a little bit, but not as much as I had hoped. The epidural man came in. He had me sit on the edge of the bed and a nurse was in front of me. He told me not to move. The first prick I jumped a little, but that was just to numb the shot area. The second I didn’t really feel at all, just some pressure. I felt a lot better when it started to kick in. I did have a hot spot though, where my left hip was still feeling the contractions, but very light and I didn’t have to breathe through them. We rested and watched TV. They broke my water. I told the nurse that after my water was broken it probably wouldn’t be long before you came, because of my experience with Brianna. I started to really feel the contractions in my hot spot. I had to concentrate and breathe through them and I thought I might be in transition. I told the nurse that I thought I was close to being ready. She didn’t think much of it. When she came back she checked me and sure enough I was all set to go. She told me I wasn’t kidding about it going quickly after the epidural! She finished prepping the room. They got me all set up to start pushing. Dr. Jenkins was there. He had me start pushing. I watched in the mirror as your head started to crown. I remember saying, no way, it’s so small, and Brianna’s head wasn’t that small. He had me stop pushing so I wouldn’t tear but you were coming even if I wasn’t participating. Your head came right out and then your body slipped right out. It was an amazing feeling. Dr. Jenkins put you right up on my stomach and I held you and just looked at you. You were so beautiful! Your Dad cut the cord. They wiped you off and I got to hold you for a bit. Then they took you away to clean you off and check you out! You were so calm and peaceful, even when you were in the warmer and they were checking you out you didn’t cry at all. You were born at 7:55pm, June 27, 2004. You were 6lbs 2oz, 19 inches and your apgars were 9 and 9. We just stayed in the delivery room for a couple of hours, holding you and getting to know you. Popi, Abuela, Uncle and Brianna came in to meet you right before we left the delivery room. It was just amazing!

I love you so very much! You are a precious gift from God and I thank Him everyday for giving me the privilege of being your mother!

With love,


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Brianna’s Birthstory (For My Memories)

I wrote this out to put it in Brianna’s scrapbook!

Brianna, my sweet baby girl,

You are so precious to me. I cannot imagine my life without you being in it. You fill my heart in such an amazing way. I love you unconditionally, and nothing you could ever say or do will change that. I remember the day you came into this world very vividly and I want to share that amazing, life changing experience with you.

I awoke on Tuesday, August 7th, 2001 excited! Very excited. It was my due date! I had been having contractions off and on for weeks and now that my due date was here, I thought, it couldn’t possibly be much longer. I wanted to meet you so very badly, to finally hold you in my arms. August 7th is also a very important day, as it is Abuela and Popi’s Anniversary. I got up from bed, more like rolled out of bed, as I was quite big J and used the bathroom. I had lost my mucus plug! I ran to tell your Abuela about the good news. Then I went to read about what was happening in the “What to Expect When Your Expecting” book. I was immediately disappointed. It said that after losing one’s mucus plug it could be two more weeks before baby came! I thought for sure you would be here by your due date, and as I was encouraged by the losing of the mucus plug, I was equally discouraged at the thought of having to wait two more weeks! I told your Dad about it and he was excited! He had been following me around with pen and paper documenting ever contraction I had, and he was getting discouraged as well. I guess you could say that we both were very much anticipating your entrance into the world! We spent the morning helping Popi with his cobra. Alex, a friend of Popi’s, came over with his baby girl, and I watched and played with her while your Dad, Popi and Alex got the cobra chassis onto a truck to be taken to the shop. It was a very hot day, and we were all overheating. Afterwards your Dad and I went to the mall to walk around and try to coax you out. We went into Hallmark and I saw a baby book that I absolutely had to have, it was Winnie the Pooh and so adorable. Then we went into the bookstore and I sat down, and read things off the shelves. I was having contractions, but they weren’t too painful. We stopped at Cinnabon and I got a Strawberry Lemonade drink, my favorite! So we sat down and rested a bit while I finished my drink. Then we went home to Abuela and Popi’s. We ordered Donato’s pizza. I had pepperoni and green peppers and your Dad had chicken. I didn’t eat much as I was highly grumpy. I wanted to be the only one to write in your baby book, as I wanted it to be consistent handwriting, your Dad didn’t understand. My grumpiness should have been an indicator of what was to happen! We went on the computer and I sat on my birthing ball. All this time I was having pretty consistent contractions. Around midnight I asked your Popi what we should do, he told me to go get some sleep, so we did. I took your Dad’s watch so I could keep an eye on contractions. I woke up a little while later to some painful contractions, about 5 minutes apart. I went downstairs and went on the computer, trying to pass time and see if they were staying. They were definitely staying and getting increasingly more painful. I went and woke up Popi and told him what was happening. He said to call. I went downstairs and woke up your Dad. He was pretty anxious and excited. We called the doctor and the service was going to have someone call back. Penny (the nurse) called back and then told us to head in to the hospital. So we got dressed. Popi asked if I was ready, I said yes. He said it would help if I had shoes on! I had forgotten shoes! He helped me put them on. I said bye to Abuela and then we drove to Riverside Methodist Hospital. It was a very quiet ride. The radio was turned off and no one was speaking, which was good for me. It helped me to focus on my breathing and the contractions. It was about 3am when we got the hospital. We went in the ER entrance. Told the man behind the desk that I was in labor. He asked if I wanted a wheel chair. I said no, I wanted to walk. We took the stairs, as I wanted to walk as much as possible. They showed us to a room. I got undressed and into a gown, hard to do between stopping for contractions. I remember having to put both hands against the wall with my feet out and just press into each contraction while doing the Lamaze breathing. It really helped me. The nurse came in and checked me. I was holding my breath, I didn’t want to be sent home, but deep down I knew this was it. At first she couldn’t find anything! I was quite alarmed! Then another nurse checked and said that I was at 4cm. We were staying to have a baby! I was very excited! Popi came in and we told him the good news! They asked me for my insurance card, I had forgotten it at home so Popi went home to get it. He came back and filled out all of my paperwork. I was monitored for a bit and then I told them I wanted to be on the birthing ball. The nurses and your Dad helped me out of bed and onto the ball at the end of the bed. I sat on it and leaned forward resting my head on my hands as your Dad rubbed my back. During a contraction I did not want to be touched, so he would rub and I would tell him when to stop. He ran and got me a cherry Popsicle. Which was very nice! The nurses were telling me that I would probably deliver around Noon. That really discouraged me since it was around 5am at this time. I was breathing fine through contractions and getting through them all right, but the thought of doing it for that long scared me. I decided to get an epidural. I got back in bed and the anesthesiologist came in. She had me sit on the edge of the bed and a nurse was in front of me. She told me not to move. The first prick I jumped a little, but that was just to numb the shot area. The second I didn’t really feel at all, just some pressure. Soon I wasn’t able to feel any contractions at all and boy was that nice! I sat up and chatted with your Dad. They checked me and I was at 6 or 7cm. They broke my water and it had a little bit of meconium in it, but not so much that they were concerned. Dr. Jenkins came in to see me, as Dr. Ruedrich was at a conference out of town. I rested and listened to some music, while your Dad slept a little bit in the chair next to me. Popi had left at this time to get Abuela. At 8am I called Aunt Mary at work and was chatting with her for a bit. She was highly amazed that I was in labor and going to have you soon and not at all in pain or nervous! I was just so excited! While I was talking to Aunt Mary on the phone I started to feel some pain. So I got off the phone and asked to have the epidural topped off. The nurses asked me if it was pain or pressure I was feeling, I said more like pressure. They checked me and I was 10cm. It was time to push! I had your Dad call Abuela and Popi, as I was now very nervous they wouldn’t make it in time for the delivery. They did not answer the phone, which made me even more nervous! The nurses were setting up the room and the one nurse had me start practice pushing. Dr. Jenkins had gone to another hospital so the nurses were trying to find a doctor to deliver you! They had me stop practice pushing. They got a Dr. in the room and sadly I don’t know what his name was. I started pushing and Abuela and Popi walked in the door! I was so thankful that they made it. I watched in the mirror as you crowned, your head came out and then your shoulders and then you just slipped right out! You came out into the world after 2-3 pushes! It was absolutely amazing!!! Your Dad cut the cord. I missed seeing it because the nurse said you were a girl and I turned to Abuela and kept saying, “Mom, I got my girl! I got my girl!” They took you over to get cleaned up and checked out. During that time I was getting stitched up and your Dad was with you. You were screaming and crying and he put his hand on your chest to try to calm you down. Once they nurses had your wrapped up, your Dad brought you over to me. Then I got to hold you for the first time. Just thinking about it makes me cry. You were so beautiful. You had your eyes wide open, staring right at me and you were so calm and peaceful! You are such a blessing from the Lord. You were born at 8:51am, August 8, 2001. You were 7lbs 8oz, 20 inches and your apgars were 9 and 10.

I love you with all of my heart. You are such an amazing and precious gift and I’m very thankful to God that He trusted me to take care of you!

I love you,