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And the winner is (giveaway #1)

Rachel of Just Wondering!

Can’t wait to see what color/colors you pick!!!! You know my email address, you can email me your address and as soon as I get the scarf and hat done I will send it your way!

I picked the winner with the FREE Contest Winner Picker. It’s an amazing little program!

Thanks to everyone who participated! There will be more giveaways in the future 🙂

Fun Stuff

Ask Anything Monday

Is there anything you want to know about me?

It can range from something silly to what we like to call “level 3″ aka very personal.

I’m excited to see some interesting questions!

Don’t forget about my first giveaway. There are many ways to enter.

  • Comment with a cool crochet pattern for me to try in  the Giveaway post.
  • Ask me a question here.

*Ella asks:

Have you seen the “Escalade” lately?

No I haven’t. They are done working on the store now, so I think that is why. I do have a new Escalade to covet though. It is black and silver and just beautiful. I see it everyday on the way to take the girls to school.

What is your favorite Book, you can only choose one ;) heehee

This one is slightly harder. I love to read and have so many favorites. Which you know. I guess if I had to pick my ultimate favorite it would have to be The Outsider’s by S.E. Hinton. I have read it numerous times as well as watched the movie. It’s a classic.

How is the bedroom challenge going?

Well the first week was the bedroom. I still am decluttering, but it is coming along. Everyone should go check out this weeks challenge here.

Anything you would like to share, like the “Heehees” that you and B have shared?

Maybe after Brian’s depression from the Eagles loss goes away, I’ll have something exciting to report 😉

When are you calling me?????

Now 🙂

*Anna asks:

Did you go to today?

After your recommendation I did visit the site. Very cute things there! Thanks for the heads up!

Fun Stuff

Giveaway #1

I’ve been wanting to do a giveaway from the first time I heard about them. I love giving. I would give all I had if Brian let me. It’s one of my spiritual gifts and I love exercising it!

So I was thinking and thinking about what I wanted to do. I wanted it to be something special and what is more special than something handmade with love!

So, MayAngelStar’s 1st giveaway is a crocheted hat and scarf. Just like what my Aunt Freda is wearing here. The winner gets to pick out of the following colors: Blossom, taupe, cocoa, heart red, or celadon.

To get chances to win do the following:

  • Comment with your favorite hobby.
  • Comment with a cool crochet pattern for me to try.
  • Ask me a question on “Ask Anything Monday”.

The winner will be picked randomly on  January 20th.

A hat and scarf is a necessity these days, I’m excited to give it away!

Fun Stuff

Ask anything Monday!

Is there anything you want to know about me?

It can range from something silly to what we like to call “level 3” aka very personal.

I’m excited to see some interesting questions!

Plus it’s Monday, it will give me a way to do some procrastinating 😉

*Andrea asks: What are some things you do around the house or with the kids to save time?

There are a couple of things that I do to save time.

  • My biggest time crunch is the morning. I am not a morning person and hate getting up early. Anything that saves in that area is a blessing. I make sure Brianna’s school uniform is layed out the night before, her lunch packed, school papers signed and put away in backpack, and breakfast set out.
  • The best thing I have ever come across to help with the housework is the Motivated Mom’s Planner. It keeps everything you would possibly clean in a nicely laid out, easy schedule! You can find it here: I hate doing any sort of cleaning, I would become overwhelmed so quickly. This is simple and makes everything in bitesized chunks! It is $8 and well worth it. There are a variety of styles. My personal fave is the half-sized chore planner with the scheduled Bible reading!
  • The other thing that saves me is cooking with my crockpot. It makes dinner very easy and getting dinner “done” in the morning makes my evening so much more laid back! I have the Fix-It and Forget-It Cookbook: Feasting with Your Slow Cooker by Dawn J Ranck. I use that a lot as well as just googling crockpot recipes!

*Ella asks: How many kids would you have if you didn’t have to worry about logisitics???

Not having to worry about anything, I would love to have 4 kiddos. I love kids, my fave stage is babyhood. Plus I have always admired my Nana, and she had 4 children. I kind of wanted to follow in her footsteps. I loved having so many aunts and uncles, my Mom is 1 of 5 and my Dad is 1 of 4. I always wanted my parents to adopt more kids, I really wanted a sister. All of those things factor in to how many kids I want. I think it would be really cool if we had another boy. A baby brother for Alex!

When are you coming to Spokane to see me?

I would love to come out there to see you, Charles and the kids! Whenever I have the money! Of course, we have to start planning our first meeting anyway, our trip when we turn 30! Someplace nice and tropical I think 🙂

How do you keep all of your plans straight and not feel like shutting down? You know I admire you greatly for this quality )

I have a huge dry erase calendar in my kitchen. I write everything down on it. It keeps me sane. I make sure Brian uses it as well. I like to be on the go, hanging out with friends, doing things for school, cell group and church. Believe me though, I hate to plan. I’m much more of a spur of the moment type, but that is hard to do when you and everyone you want to do things with has children. Being spontaneous, usually does not work when one needs a babysitter.

Since you added the letter from your foster mom, that made me bawl for an hour, it is so beautiful and you were a gorgeous baby, do you think you may want to meet her?

I would meet her in a heartbeat! I’m really not sure how to go about finding her though. I have thought about being a foster parent to great length, as well as a surrogate mom. Brian has told me no, especially to being a surrogate. He says there is no way I would be able to part with a baby or child. He’s right. I would have to be able to adopt or keep them all! That wouldn’t work out to well. I have a special appreciation for what my foster mom did for me. I’m forever thankful to her and would love to update her on my life and thank her in person!

If you could easily meet your birthmom, what is the first thing you would ask her?

My first question would be, “Why did you think it was best to give me away?” I am very thankful for my life, as there were other options, and for my parents choosing me! I pray I could get over that feeling of rejection and think and believe it more as the ultimate act of love. I’m trying….