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Ask anything Monday!

Is there anything you want to know about me?

It can range from something silly to what we like to call “level 3” aka very personal.

I’m excited to see some interesting questions!

Plus it’s Monday, it will give me a way to do some procrastinating ūüėČ

*Andrea asks: What are some things you do around the house or with the kids to save time?

There are a couple of things that I do to save time.

  • My biggest time crunch is the morning. I am not a morning person and hate getting up early.¬†Anything that saves in that area is a blessing. I make sure Brianna’s school uniform is layed out the night before,¬†her lunch packed, school papers signed and put away in backpack, and breakfast set out.
  • The best thing I have ever come across to help with the housework is the Motivated Mom’s Planner. It keeps everything you would possibly clean in a nicely laid out, easy schedule! You can find it here: I hate doing any sort of cleaning, I would become overwhelmed so quickly. This is simple and makes everything in bitesized chunks! It is $8 and well worth it. There are a variety of styles. My personal fave is the half-sized chore planner with the scheduled¬†Bible reading!
  • The other thing that saves me is cooking with my crockpot.¬†It makes dinner very easy and getting¬†dinner¬†“done” in the morning makes my evening so much more laid back!¬†I have the Fix-It and Forget-It Cookbook: Feasting with Your Slow Cooker by Dawn J Ranck. I use that a lot as well as just googling crockpot recipes!

*Ella asks: How many kids would you have if you didn’t have to worry about logisitics???

Not having to worry about anything, I would love to have 4 kiddos. I love kids, my fave stage is babyhood. Plus I have always admired my Nana, and she had 4 children. I kind of wanted to follow in her footsteps. I loved having so many aunts and uncles, my Mom is 1 of 5 and my Dad is 1 of 4. I always wanted my parents to adopt more kids, I really wanted a sister. All of those things factor in to how many kids I want. I think it would be really cool if we had another boy. A baby brother for Alex!

When are you coming to Spokane to see me?

I would love to come out there to see you, Charles and the kids! Whenever I have the money! Of course, we have to start planning our first meeting anyway, our trip when we turn 30! Someplace nice and tropical I think ūüôā

How do you keep all of your plans straight and not feel like shutting down? You know I admire you greatly for this quality )

I have a huge dry erase calendar in my kitchen. I write everything down on it. It keeps me sane. I make sure Brian uses it as well. I like to be on the go, hanging out with friends, doing things for school, cell group and church. Believe me though, I hate to plan. I’m much more of a spur of the moment type, but that is hard to do when you and everyone you want to do things with has children. Being spontaneous, usually does not work when one needs a babysitter.

Since you added the letter from your foster mom, that made me bawl for an hour, it is so beautiful and you were a gorgeous baby, do you think you may want to meet her?

I would meet her in a heartbeat! I’m really not sure how to go about finding her though. I have thought about being a foster parent to great length, as well as a surrogate mom. Brian has told me no, especially to being a surrogate. He says there is no way I would be able to part with a baby or child. He’s right. I would have to be able to adopt or keep them all! That wouldn’t work out to well. I have a special appreciation for what my foster mom did for me. I’m forever thankful to her and would love to update her on my life and thank her in person!

If you could easily meet your birthmom, what is the first thing you would ask her?

My first question would be, “Why did you think it was best to give me away?” I am very thankful for my life, as there were other options, and for my parents choosing me! I pray I could get over that feeling of rejection and think and believe it more as the ultimate act of love. I’m trying….


I will always remember.

I added a new page, under my “about me”, aka .be patient, god’s not done with me yet.

I have a red folder that was given to my parents when I was adopted. It was a letter from my foster mom. I was in foster care from newborn to 3 months, when I was adopted.

I don’t have anything from my birth mother, except an age and her occupation. Nothing on my birth father, except that he was “unknown”.

But this folder, I cling to. It’s a glimpse into how much I was loved and cared for during the first 3 months of life.¬†It is very important to me.

And now I can see it any time I want, without having to dig out the actual folder.

I copied it word for word, grammatical errors and all. I go back and forth on whether or not I would like to find/meet my birth mother. I intellectually know and understand that being adopted is such a blessing, but emotionally I haven’t been able to wrap my mind or my heart around it. Especially after having 3 children of my own. Maybe I’m selfish, but I just could not give up my children.¬†It was an option I was vehemently against when faced with the unplanned arrival of Brianna.

I have a special place in my heart for my foster mother though. I can’t quite explain it, other than I know how very much I was loved by her.

Anyway, if you get a chance, you should read it. I will always cherish it.

Marriage, My Husband


I am truly blessed to have the priviledge of spending the rest of my life with my best friend. I am so in love with my husband. We have our ups and downs as a married couple. Sometimes he makes me so angry I can’t see straight, thankfully those times are few and far between. Sometimes we just go day by day with nothing new or exciting to report. Sometimes I am filled with such a supreme feeling of love that it brings tears to my eyes. Today is one of those days. From stolen kisses to the simple act of making our family hamburgers for lunch, I am so in love with this man. He brought me home a surprise present and I’m pretty sure it is a candy bar. I’m so craving chocolate, and I’m pretty sure that’s what I’m going to get! He is a fantastic father. The fun he has with our children, the laughter. How he works with Brianna on homework and coaches her soccer team. He is Katie’s prince charming. The way he snuggles with Alex.¬†The father and son bonding over football already, so adorable!

My previous entry was kind of depressing. I am confident in one thing though, my husband knows me through and through. Sometimes better than I know myself. I cherish him. I love him. I am beyond thankful to have him in my life.

If you read this, let me know how much you love your husband or significant other. I love reading stories of love. It’s romantic, and I always love reading a bit of romance ūüôā


Ready and willing..

I’ve been feeling lost. Empty. Disconnected from myself. I’ve wrapped so much of my life into what I think others want me to be, that I can’t separate myself from the lies I’ve told myself and believed.

That probably doesn’t make much sense at all.

I live in such fear of rejection, that I avoid it like the plague. Always have. I feel like as the days, weeks, months, years go by, I always will.

I need to put my foot down.

I’m ready and willing.

It’s not going to be easy.

I’m scared to death.

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Happy New Year!

We spent New Year’s with the Jacob’s. The kids played the night away. The adults ate lots of great food, played pictionary man and mad gab. It was a great night. Alex even stayed up until about 11:30 then nursed to sleep, but woke up to the noise of kids screaming happy new year and horns blowing loudly! The funniest part of the night was when we pulled into our driveway. All the kiddos were asleep. We looked back and Katie had fallen asleep with a piece of celery in her mouth. It was hilarious! Pictures of course.

Holidays, My Husband, Pictures, The Kids

Christmas 2008!

We spent time with Paula and Michael on Tuesday. We had to spend the night at my parents due to ice that night. My Dad fell outside trying to show me just how slick it was. Alex was awake from 1-3am, fussy because of his cold. We hung out in Dwight’s room, he was playing Warcraft and watching Heroes. Brian left to get to the house and then to work. Paula and Michael left around 8am and it took them 1hr to get 3 miles because of the road conditions and accidents. Brian got off work early and picked us up. We went home, got ourselves together and then went to LCC for the Christmas Eve Service. We got there late because traffic outside Walmart was unbelievable, they had shut down the road, because Walmart was trying to close and people kept trying to get inside.¬† The band did Christmas songs. Then Hilary and Jeff Sloat read a story to the kids. After that Tom did a mini sermon which included picking Alex up and using him as a visual of baby Jesus and why he was sent to us.¬† It was really powerful.

Brianna tried to get up around 1am, I wasn’t surprised! Brian let her know not to wake us up again until after 6. She and Katie came in at exactly 6:05.¬† The girls were in awe of all the presents.¬† Brian read us¬† “The Newborn King”. Alex’s only interest in the story was trying to eat the book. Then we opened stockings and Santa presents. The last presents to be opened were the treasured American Girl dolls. Brianna was looking worried up until that point, she was sure she wasn’t getting one after Santa fell through. The look on her face is priceless! We took mostly video of them opening up those gifts. We hung out, cleaned up, ate breakfast and then made our way to my parents house. We opened up gifts there, hung out, had lots of food. That is about it. It was a pretty low key Christmas.

I still can’t believe it’s all over. All the planning, shopping, wrapping and it’s over.

I’m slightly depressed actually.

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I was resting my eyes…

At least that is what I thought I was doing. Brian said I had bobbing head syndrome, and it looked like I was a puppet being manipulated by Kelly Peters, who happened to be sitting right behind me.

Rick Tawney is going to be the part time cell group pastor and he was the speaker today. The problem wasn’t the message or the way it was delivered. The problem was that Alex woke up at 3am and was hitting me in the face with his little fist and whipping me with his spit cloth! He wasn’t interested in nursing. He was just interested in talking and being wide awake! I finally got up with him around 6:30am. Church had just the right environment for my brain to shut down and try to nod off into dream land. I was absolutely exhausted.

I was wondering why Brian kept nudging me, I thought he was being sweet and rubbing my leg because he loves me, he was just embarrassed by my lack of consciousness!


No Presents on Christmas Eve..

The girls big gifts this year are, drum roll please, American Girl and Bitty Baby. Multiple family members¬†have contributed to these gifts in one way or another. We’re talking Kit for Brianna, and a Bitty baby for Katie, outfits galore (some even matching for the girls), beds, accessories, you name it, they are probably getting it.

The problem: Aunt Paula not being able to stay for Christmas due to work. She and Michael are coming in on Monday and leaving on Christmas Eve.

My Mom and Aunt Freda’s solution is the following:¬† Let the girls open up the dolls and everything Christmas Eve so that Aunt Paula can take part.

I put my foot down with dramatic irritability. I cannot stress this enough, in no way, shape or form will the girls be opening their biggest gifts on Christmas Eve. Not gonna happen.

My Mom now understands. Freda sent a text saying she understood as well. ¬†I will have a talk with Aunt Paula, but I don’t think it will even be an issue.

Now I better not hear anymore of this nonsense again!