Chapter 1 on the Road to 160.

The night of Nov. 25th, I had a dream that I told my friend Shannon Leigh Conner that I was committed and ready to lose the weight I’ve accumulated over the years. I told her about the dream on the 26th. I ordered the Beachbody 2B Mindset and I started watching the videos, implementing what I was learning and tracking it all on the app on the 27th. I received an awesome package in the mail from Shannon that included bunny stickers to put on my water bottle, each sticker represents 2lbs lost!

So far, I’ve lost 13.5 lbs.

It felt incredible to be losing weight during the crazy busy yummy food focused holidays, I didn’t feel deprived of anything, I still had the things I love just made better choices and had bites instead of binges!




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