No Presents on Christmas Eve..

The girls big gifts this year are, drum roll please, American Girl and Bitty Baby. Multiple family members have contributed to these gifts in one way or another. We’re talking Kit for Brianna, and a Bitty baby for Katie, outfits galore (some even matching for the girls), beds, accessories, you name it, they are probably getting it.

The problem: Aunt Paula not being able to stay for Christmas due to work. She and Michael are coming in on Monday and leaving on Christmas Eve.

My Mom and Aunt Freda’s solution is the following:  Let the girls open up the dolls and everything Christmas Eve so that Aunt Paula can take part.

I put my foot down with dramatic irritability. I cannot stress this enough, in no way, shape or form will the girls be opening their biggest gifts on Christmas Eve. Not gonna happen.

My Mom now understands. Freda sent a text saying she understood as well.  I will have a talk with Aunt Paula, but I don’t think it will even be an issue.

Now I better not hear anymore of this nonsense again!

3 thoughts on “No Presents on Christmas Eve..”

  1. I totally understand! While I am sure that your Mom didn’t want anyone left out, that just takes away from the whole Santa and Christmas excitement.

    Glad everyone understood though and you stood firm!!


  2. hey you! I am glad you said you were moving. I don’t want to leave you out of my life!!!! LOL! We are getting together in 09!!! Anyway, I am so in awe of the gifts! I LOVE both!!!
    how did Aunt Paula take the news?


    1. I too don’t want to leave you out 🙂 Getting together would be awesome! I always think about going to Lima to do some research about my birth mother. The girls absolutely loved their dolls and all the stuff that goes along with them. I loved it all to, I always wanted an American Girl doll when I was younger and never got one. I go on the website everyday to obsess over it all. Didn’t even need to discuss it with Aunt Paula. They ended up leaving Christmas Eve am, and she told the girls that she had made a deal with Santa to deliver the gifts for her to my Mom’s. So there never was an issue!


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