Whoa, I’ve been busy..

And it’s not stopping anytime soon.

I started painting the loft yesterday, spent 1.5hrs at walmart with all 3 kiddos getting stuff for Brianna’s late sleepover birthday party. made a huge pan of brownie/peanut butter cookie, had cell group, started decorating for the party, making craft projects for the kids.

Today I have to finish up the one wall in the loft, finish the craft stuff, finish decorating, my friend Tammy is coming over and maybe Kelly for a playdate this morning, eat lunch, take Katie to school, get HSM:senior year the wii game.get anything else i missed from the store. pick up the girls, take Katie to my parents for her special sleepover, meet brian at school for Brianna’s conference with Mrs. Mann. Drop the van off to get checked out before our big trip to PA, get home and finish party touch-ups. Send brian out for pizza. Then 7 little girls will be arriving for the party. 2 will not be spending the night.

I have been reading little bits at a time, but just haven’t been able to post or comment much.

Can I breathe yet???

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