The Kids

yeah, so much fun….

I have a 6.5 year old girl for sale if anyone wants one..

I’m so tired of the attitude. I realize that it is a cross between school ending and the impending arrival of Alex, but I am beyond over this child and the things she is doing and trying to get away with..

5 thoughts on “yeah, so much fun….”

  1. I’m so glad I’m not the only one that feels this way sometimes!!! Mine’s not 6 yet but he sure acts like he thinks he is. I hope things get better for you!!!


  2. I’ll take her! Honestly, I’m having trouble keeping my 3 year old from spending 15-20 minutes washing her hands in the bathroom right now. And then we get to the “my shirt is wet. Take my shirt off.” and then a new shirt appears and is quickly in the same condition as its predecessor due to the same circumstances. What is it with our daughters this time of year. I’ve met lots of moms struggling with their daughters right now that are just losing themselves! Good luck honey. Maybe she’ll calm down at least for a week or two once Alex gets here


  3. Yeah we are having some issues here too but I’m the lucky one cause I have a 10 year old with attitude (not with me cause he knows better but with his brother and sister), a 6 year old who is a willful child to say the least even with his meds, and an almost 5 year old diva who thinks the world revolves around her and her needs and wants.. major emphasis on the wants!lol Then there’s the almost 2 year mischief-maker I babysit.. I cannot wait for september when he is able to go to the pre-school where his mom works at.. So yeah I feel your pain! I can only hope that it gets a little easier as time goes on but I know I’m fooling myself there!lol


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