14 thoughts on “24wks!”

  1. OH YEAH! BABY BOY!!!!!!!! LOVIN IT! you look absolutely GORGEOUS as always!!!!! : )

    (PS I was sick like you with Bailey Rose (My midwife chalked it up to the variation in hormones carrying a girl vs. carrying a boy) and I lost weight the entire time. I think you look very healthy, he’s obviously getting all that he needs, I just wish you FELT better, but I am glad to hear your appetite is coming back!!!)


  2. You are beautiful and glowing!! 🙂

    I love the baby’s name. Not many people use 3 names for their kids (we did with all of ours) so it is neat to see someone else do that. 😉

    You look great! I didn’t gain anything with my 1st-3rd until after 20 weeks and I loved that! I wasn’t so fortunate the last time around. :-/


  3. Oh V you look SO GREAT!!!!! Absolutely beautiful! 🙂 I’m glad your appointment went well and that you are feeling so much better.!! 3lbs… at 24 weeks, that’s amazing 😀 I look forward to your updates 🙂 Love ya!


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