Knocked Up

Pass the zofran please…

We a long night..

I was sick all day, not sure whether or not it was getting the rotavirus from watching baby Sophie or not, but I went to the ER..

I was so dehydrated that 4 people couldn’t get a line in to draw blood and I have really good veins. They were able to get a line for the iv though (which hurt really bad, I couldn’t even extend my arm after they did it, but they didn’t want to mess with it since it was the only place they were able to get!) so after I had about a 1/2 liter the fifth nurse was able to stick me to get my labs. Everything came back ok.

And I haven’t gotten sick since, they put Zofran in the IV as well (why didn’t I do this the other two times I was dying from being so sick)..

Poor Brian didn’t eat dinner until almost 11:30.. He wouldn’t leave me by myself.

My brother taped LOST for us but we were able to catch most of it in the hospital (priorities right?)

Anyway.. I’m feeling better today. I have a script for Zofran that I will fill just in case. I’m still feeling on the weak side so I’m going to chill and be at my Mom’s today.. Nothing like being pampered by Mom (yes I know I’m a complete mama’s girl).. Hopefully I can eat today..

2 thoughts on “Pass the zofran please…”

  1. oh man!!! Well I’m glad they got ya hydrated!!! I’ve heard that Zofran stuff is a God send! But it’s pretty pricey!


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