Knocked Up, The Kids

12 wk appt. and more sickies..

I had my 12 wk appt. today. It went well. I was slightly dehydrated from being sick and lost weight, not sure how much. I didn’t ask.. Baby’s heart rate was 160 🙂

Katie was dx’d yesterday with a double ear infection.

And Heather, yes, we plan to find out what the sex of the baby is!

Oh and one more question, those who have been pregnant or are now, did you get the AFP done or not. I did with the girls but it was more because it was routine. They gave me a choice this time.. Not sure..

6 thoughts on “12 wk appt. and more sickies..”

  1. 12 weeks already!!? Although I bet, with you being sick, it feels like 12 YEARS for you 😉 ((hugs))

    I didn’t have the AFP or the HIV test done with any of the girls 😉 I made sure to tell them not to waste my insurance companies money roflmao


  2. I did with everyone but Reese. They have such a high rate of false-+ I chose not to do it. I would have had the baby regardless so it didn’t matter to me. Good luck with your decision.

    I’m glad you are doing better!


  3. I did not because it would change anything but if there was an issue I wanted to be prepared and educated. I hope Katie feels better soon.

    Happy 12 weeks!! *hugs*

    BTW, If you speak with Ella still, will you please tell her hello for me? I miss her.


  4. I’m sorry Katie is sick!! Ear infections totally suck 😦

    Yay for finding out 🙂 I hope you will share. I’d love to make another blanket… 😀

    I didn’t have the AFP test done. I didn’t figure it would matter either way. You’ll be supported no matter what you decide to do 🙂


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