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Please let the sickies go!

I want all this sickness gone from my house, especially before Christmas.

Katie and I have pink eye.

Brianna is getting over pneumonia w/asthma.. She was on zithromax and has to take an albuterol inhaler every 4 hours. She missed 6.5 days of school.

Brian is now sick as well..

On the upside, the last two days morning sickness hasn’t been bad at all.. So hopefully I’m coming to an end of that..

I’ve pretty much been away from the computer, we had internet issues so I was offline for two days and just taking care of everyone and feeling sick myself..

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving..

5 thoughts on “Please let the sickies go!”

  1. Oh sweets! How horrid šŸ˜¦ I’ve been thinking of you and had considered calling to check up on you…let me know if you need anything

    Love you


  2. Oh sweetie I’m so sorry you’ve all been sick!!! I do hope and pray you are ALL better soon. I’m so glad your morning sickness seems to be going away!

    Side Note… I know it’s a little early now, but will you find out what you are having?


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