Why me..

I know I’v been MIA.. and I’ll continue to be, we are traveling to PA for thanksgiving. and the closer it comes the more I do not want to go on this trip.

Brianna was sick with a fever and cough on Sunday. She stayed home from school today but had no fever and was completely fine. She just threw up because of coughing and has pink eye. We are supposed to leave tomorrow afternoon for PA..

I feel like crap. I almost blew chunks just hearing brianna getting sick..

I’m beyond angry right now.. just seething. because she was really sick last time we went. and it isn’t her fault..

i didn’t anticipate being pg and feeling ill and having to go all that way.. and now i have to do all the driving back because we got the car from grandmom. which is a total praise from god.. but driving 8 plus hours (though I have insisted we split it) all by myself while feeling less than great with a sick child makes my skin crawl..

i can’t believe how angry i am..

i think that if i could burst into flames because of it I would..

i guess i need prayers..

2 thoughts on “Why me..”

  1. It sounds like you could use the prayers for sure!! I’ll be saying them for you and hoping that you have a better Thanksgiving than you anticipate. *hug*

    Hang in there…


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