4 thoughts on “Not fair..”

  1. Please take it from me, I speak from experience twice over, go get the I.V. It is really bad for your kidneys to wait it out and see. 48 hours of not being able to keep anything down is enough to have you throwing keytones, and that means your body is breaking down. I was managing to hold down a baked potato and a little water every day for a week with Vance so I thought I was doing good. I was VERY wrong, I went in and I had off the chart Keytones and it took 3 bags to flush my system and get me hydrated, plus I was so dehydrated that it they blew 3 veins trying to get the IV in and that freaking hurts.

    Go, get the I.V. Ask about Reglan too.

    I know exactly how miserable you are, and it is very exhausting physically and emotionally.


  2. I hope you are feeling well enough to eat!! Will your Dr prescribe Zofran for you so you won’t be so nauseated and you can eat and drink something? I used it in my last 3 pgs and it was AWESOME!!!

    I ended up with a stomach virus when I was around 12 weeks pg with Macie. I couldn’t even keep Zofran down let alone anything else. They ended up sending a Home Health Care nurse out to place an iv and I had to learn to change the bags 4 times a day, flush the site and then I even pulled it out myself once they gave me the OK to remove it. It was odd but it helped hydrate me and flush that virus right out of me.

    Sending prayers for healing and a calm stomach.



  3. Oh hun I’m sorry!! I hope you start feeling much better very soon!!! I guess you wrote that a couple days ago… how is it now??


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