19 thoughts on “Baby #3 8 wk ultrasound…”

  1. You’re going to say that I’m the suckiest friend in the world, but I’ve been thinking lately, “Gee, I wish Veronica would update more. I miss hearing from her. Wonder what’s going on with her?” It did not connect that your name was different. I am so sorry I’ve missed out on so much with you and haven’t commented on so much going on. I KNOW WHO YOU ARE now and will attempt to be a more faithful friend to you! Sorry!!!!!!!!


  2. We will hopefully be finding out as long as baby cooperates!

    I need to be prepared if I’m having a boy! I’m all set for girl, got clothes upon clothes same season.

    Boy is a whole different story LOL..


  3. It’s completely ok! Did you put two and two together because of facebook? That’s kind of funny. I never really announced my name change and started adding friends back but not really shouting out that it was me, so my fault too 😉

    I’ve been a sucky friend with commenting. I’ve not been on the computer a lot lately due to feeling sick.. Hoping I start feeling better soon!


  4. Don’t feel bad. I’m not on as much either. I am so happy for you and your family! How exciting! Ahhh, new life! Wonderful! How are you? What’s going on?


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