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Happy Halloween

If I get one more, I think it might be twins comments, I think I will jump off a cliff! I could barely sleep last night because I kept having dreams of getting U/S and there being two babies.. Even Katie’s prediction is boy and girl.. LOL.. Guess we will see next week. I had my first appt. today and it was just blood work and paperwork. No biggie.. My U/S is next Thurs. I also had an accident with a power drill today.. I’ll post the picture. I went crazy putting up a decorative rod and the tie-backs to match. On the last tie-back I slipped with the drill, which had a philips head bit in it and sliced my finger.. I was in hysterics. Brian had trouble understanding me I was crying so badly over the phone. It still hurts really badly.. We went to friends tonight and the guys all took the kiddos trick or treating.. Then we finished the night by playing guitar hero.. I just used the controller so as not to aggravate my finger..

I hope everyone is doing well..

Happy Halloween..

5 thoughts on “Happy Halloween”

  1. AWWWWWWWWWWWWW I am sorry you got hurt! That looks painful, but yet at the same time awkwardly cool only because it’s the time of year to have cool scars. I love the idea of the guys taking the little ones trick-or-treating. I bet that was fun! 🙂

    ps twins would be lovely, but I won’t wish that for you.


  2. I think the twins comment is a favorite ppl use. I heard it several times when I was pg with Jaina and I didn’t even reach 100 lbs until I was 6 months along. I didn’t get big until the last 5-6 weeks.

    Sorry about your finger. I hope it has healed a good bit by now!


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