Night sickness???

I seem to be fine during the day, except for being tired.

Last night I ate 1 taco and was done, I didn’t like it. I proceeded to burp up nastiness all night long. Not being able to fall asleep until finally around 2.30am it all came out. I went to bed and still didn’t sleep great or feel all that great.

Today, same thing. I ate fine all day and didn’t seem to have any problems. Since around 8pm I’ve started burping (though thankfully not nasty like before) and I’m really hoping we don’t have a repeat of me feeling badly until it all comes up at some insane hour in the morning..

Is this going to be a trend? Am I going to be night sick?

On one hand I’m happy because it’s an outward sign that my body is doing it’s thing and I’m pregnant~ but on the other hand, I don’t want to feel sick LOL..

Anyway, I’m slowly working on my previous post!!! Finally..

We had a busy weekend. Had small group on Friday night. It was amazingly deep. We went super late around 11pm. And then the girls decided since it was so emotional we needed to go out and decompress, so the guys took the kiddos home to bed and us girls went to Perkins. I didn’t get home until almost 2am. Sat. we had to take the van in for an oil change. Had Brianna’s last soccer game. We went to Walmart. I took a much needed nap. Sun. was church. I worked in the nursery. Then Brian had a coaches meeting afterwards. I went with small group downtown Columbus to watch Gregg finish his marathon! His time was 4hrs. 20min. He said he would probably never do a whole one again, but most likely just do halves. Then saw my brother for a bit. Came home and took Katie for a walk. Brian played golf with Brianna on PS2. Katie and I picked weeds. Then it was Brianna’s soccer party at CiCi’s pizza. We ate, had fun and the girls got their trophies. Brian got a card for being the coach with a $25 giftcard to Best Buy. It was incredibly sweet of everyone! The girls played outside and I picked more weeds. Then Brianna read her books with Brian. I read to Katie. Now I have to go out to Walmart because I forgot that tomorrow is Brianna’s snack day at school. I was hoping to watch the movie Hot Fuzz. My brother let me borrow it. Same guys who did Shaun of the Dean.. I don’t think I’m watching it tonight. I’m exhausted..

I hope to catch up with my friends list tomorrow!!!!

2 thoughts on “Night sickness???”

  1. An old friend also had night-sickness. On one hand – atleast you’re ok during the day, lol. On the other – you finally get the kids down and can relax and you’re sick. I hope it passes quickly. {{{HUGS}}}

    You’ll have to let me know what you think of Hot Fuzz!! I LOVE those guys!!


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