28 thoughts on “Please Lord, let this baby stick!”

  1. WOW! That is VERY + for 10dpo!
    Oooooh, how exciting!
    They say you are more fertile after a m/c…looks like that was definately the case for you. Big hugs mama!


  2. Thank Ang! I had tested on early-pregnancy.com tests starting at 7dpo because that’s when I got them in the mail LOL. 8dpo it was barely there positive, 9dpo definitely there but faint BFP, 10dpo darker than 9dpo, and I broke down and the Answer picked up within seconds and it was blatantly positive! I’m beyond thrilled that it happened so quickly after last cycles chemical.. Praying that this baby sticks with us!


  3. Wow, that is a great looking positive for 10 dpo! Congrats!!!!

    Baby – you are instructed to stay there. Get used to following the rules now! 😉


  4. Thanks Heather! I had some test strips from early-pregnancy.com and started using them at 7dpo, got a barely there line at 8dpo, darker at 9dpo, darker again at 10dpo (Sunday), so I caved and took the Answer.. It was obviously, very positive!


  5. Thanks Crystal! Very positive, I was actually quite surprised as my lines last time around were so very faint, and even my positives with Katie at 12dpo were super faint. This line blew me out of the water! I’m definitely hoping this baby sticks and that the lines are a good sign!


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