Household Organization..

Is not my strength…

I let so much slide around the house and then it just piles up to the point of overwhelming….

We have a lot on our plate right now with the renewal/family renunion coming up and the house is top priority to me right now.

I don’t know how I let it get so out of control.

I’ve been feeling really lost these days.



13 thoughts on “Household Organization..”

  1. You know I went into Spring cleaning mode last Tuesday and I don’t feel like I have recovered yet, and to add to it I think I have been a bit overbearing with Charles and the kids on keeping it up…

    I wish I could come and help… I don’t want to bother you tomorrow while you are getting it in order, but if you are going to be scrubbing and cleaning maybe talking to me will make it go faster like it does when you are cleaning the offices šŸ™‚ Did you ever find your ear piece? Don’t beat yourself up V, you are am amazing Mom, wife, friend, daughter, sister, etc!! You do have a TON going on and just keep in mind that you just started working less last week, so now you are finding our groove again!

    Miss you!!

    Love, (Umbr) ella…ella.ella…ay…ay…ay!! šŸ™‚


  2. Hey hun was just looking for your journal, and didn’t realise you had changed it. Thanks for keeping me friended!
    I saw the LOST finale, and oh my gosh, my head is wrecked with the story line, have you seen it yest? Do not want to spoil it for you if you haven’t!


  3. I needed a change… Thanks for adding me back šŸ™‚

    I did see LOST and it was AWESOME!!!!!

    I can’t believe everything that is going on. We have to wait 8 whole months until it comes back. 16 episodes a season. 3 more seasons..

    And it likes like they have switched formats, now we have future flashes instead of past..

    Why is Jack a mess? And who was in the coffin? Who is “waiting” for Kate? And they killed Charlie šŸ˜¦

    What did you think??


  4. Cleaning blows Ella.. I wish I had a magic wand sometimes.. Though Mrs. Weasley’s (harry potter) house was never spotless LOL…

    I realize that there is no ear piece, unless I get the whole bluetooth thing. Not sure I’m ready for that yet..

    I definitely will be calling you later today..

    One thing at a time right?

    I’m going to have to get that darn song.. It’s addictive now! And everytime I hear it I think of you šŸ™‚


  5. Do you feel “squished” in your house? I know that when I felt like we didn’t have enough room it was easier to let it all go because what the heck was I going to do with everything anyway? Now that we have a bigger house it is easier to stay on top of it all….weird, huh?

    I hope that you find the core of what is bothering you and turn it around!


  6. I do feel like that.. “squished” is a good word for it.. We keep adding more things, and not getting rid of anything.. It’s no wonder I feel as though I am the queen of clutter…


  7. I HAVE to eat every 2 to 3 hours otherwise I feel like crap….but better than I was last week. šŸ™‚


  8. Veronica you might find the best way to start is to have a total de-clutter and be really ruthless about it lol. Throw away things you KNOW in your heart you do not need anymore. Some might be sentimental for some reason, keep some aside but throw the rest out, and maybe try one room at a time. Start with the kids rooms, your room, loungeroom, kitchen, etc. one at a time. Hope this helps hon.


  9. 8 months is just pure cruelty!!

    My Charlie, arghh, booo, *cries*

    Jack, oh my word, he is turning into island obsessive Ben

    I wonder if it was Ben or Locke in the coffin, the only two who I think would have no-one at the funeral.

    I bet Kate is with Sawyer, did she fall pregnant, hmmm

    So many questions, and now I feel bereft.

    What are your thoughts?


  10. Cruelty is the word alright!

    Charlie was one of my fave characters. I loved how he got himself together and the love he had for Claire and baby Aaron.. Killing him was not nice!!!!

    Yeah, Jack’s obsession with getting back on the island. It’s kind of creepy. I can’t wait to see how the story unfolds to put him in that state of mind.

    I was thinking Ben or Locke was in the coffin as well. Ben being Ben, no way anyone would show up to his funeral. Locke doing all he could to sabotage any efforts off the island, not likely that he is going to have any friends. But at the same time, I can see Ben and Locke staying on the island when the “rescue” happens..

    I think Kate is with Sawyer too, was her talking about maybe being pregnant forshadowing to the fact that she really is?

    I can’t wait until next season, not happy about the wait. Happy about the non-filler episodes.. LOST has to go out with a bang and I’m hoping they don’t disappoint.


  11. *gasp* throw things away!!!

    I know you are right. We are in the process of de-cluttering and getting the house in order before all of our friends and family get here at the end of June. It’s been a kind of slow process. I tend to go inactive when I feel overwhelmed.. I really need to pick up the pace though.. Thanks for the suggestions!


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