What to do, what to do…

I won’t have any kids to watch this summer, or I should rephrase, there are plenty of kids I could watch, but not sure I want to go that route.

When I found out that I was going to be losing Brandon, I was jumping for joy. I will miss him, but thoughts of a summer of freedom with just the girls are wonderful!!!!

The downfall is that because Tom and Christie are teachers, they have summers off, as well as Christie being due with their third in August. So I potentially won’t have any kids until she goes back to work around Christmas.

Brian has a new job (praise the Lord), but it won’t make up the income I’m losing. After bills, savings and tithing we will have $200 left over for gas/groceries and anythng else for the month. Not sure how we will work that.

The only other thing is that we got back a large refund, too large, we had changed elections and thought we would be getting back next to nothing, we were wrong. Brian is going to be meeting our financial advisor to figure all of that out. If we could figure out the right deductions and have that extra $300 a month instead of at the end of the year, we would be fine. I could even consider not watching kids at all..

We’ve been praying about it for right now.

I have gotten a lot of offers to watch others kids, just don’t think that is what we should be doing right now. If we did end up going that route I would only watch one child. No more than that.

Another opportunity has come up where I could do some cleaning for Kelly’s Aunt Pam’s company. They clean offices and are looking for someone to work MWF a couple of hours. Evening hours, and I could listen to my music while I empty trash, vaccum, do some light dusting, clean the bathroom.. Not sure yet on the pay..

Anyway, this has consumed my thoughts for awhile now. Plus all things renewal/family reunion…

I haven’t been on much posting, just not sure what to say, or by the time I get to the computer I feel too drained to post.. I do read and try to reply.. I recently cut my friends list in half. Nothing personal, not sure if I will cut more in the future or not. I’m not sure exactly what I want from LJ these days….

6 thoughts on “What to do, what to do…”

  1. I hear you about the job dilema, I start a short term nanny position next week. The money will be very helpful, but I’m not sure I would do it if it wasn’t short term. The mom I’ll be working for is a teacher too, so I guess there is the potential that I could start again in the fall, I’ll have to think about it. I’ve gotten really used to my freedom and lack of a schedule. 🙂 Good luck deciding what to do, I’ll be thinking of you.


  2. Thanks Tori, good luck with the nanny position. I think you will really like the fact that it is short term, I have had 2 of those and they were awesome. How many hours and how many kids will you be taking on?

    I think I was doing too many, I feel burnt out. That’s why I just want to do one child, if we go that route.

    I’m finding out more about the cleaning position this afternoon, actually hoping that might be a better fit!


  3. Hmm… sticky spot to be in, but I would probably do the same as you and not watch any more kids right now. Your first reaction was happiness when you lost Brandon so that meant you could enjoy summer with your girls – go with that!

    I’m hoping that the financial adviser will help sort out a few things for you guys. That would be great if you can get that extra $300 a month instead of at the end of the year all at once.

    The cleaning job sounds like fun and an easy way to bring in some extra cash. My mom used to do a job like that on the side when we were younger.

    I know what you are going through when it comes to LJ… I’m in the same boat. Very mixed thoughts and emotions towards journaling for awhile now. I do read everything, but beyond that I don’t really know what I want to do. So, I just wait hoping that with time an answer will be more clear, but after waiting all that time I’m just left in the same spot. 😉 Maybe warmer weather will perk up my overall mood.



  4. Yeah, your right about my reaction! I am really hoping that the cleaning thing will be a better fit. I’m so into music that the thought of listening 2 hours straight while doing light cleaning sounds awesome LOL. Then having my days and early nights free is such a plus! It would also be very nice if we could get the tax thing on the right track. Brian has a meeting this Friday for that.

    Yeah, LJ.. Mixed emotions is definitely the phrase I would use..

    I can’t wait until warmer weather returns!!!

    *hugs hun*


  5. Finances are so hard, good luck with everything. The cleaning job sounds cool, I hope it turns out to be a good fit/something you want to do.

    LJ is hard for me at times. I do not think I could ever go for good because I keep in touch with so many people that way. But I am really struggling right now and I hate to be a constant downer to everyone and sometimes I am just too drained to write it all out even when I want to/need to. :/


  6. Finances are a pain in the butt. I’m hoping the cleaning job works out. I’m waiting for Pam to call me back to get the details on it..

    Yeah. I have a lot of mixed emotions about LJ. I’m not sure how things will turn out, though I do not want to leave for good either. I have so much invested here. I like being able to look back and read about what was going on in 2003 LOL! I think I really have to evaluate why I journal. Is it for me, for friends, for support, who do I want reading, who do I not want reading. All that jazz. It’s all up in the air right now. I just want to be the best person and friend I can be!



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