Show night!

Monday night we had show night. Basically Brian was fooling around in the kitchen while emptying the dishwasher. He kept imitating Randy Savage, that wrestler guy, who did the slim jim commercials. Anyway. He kept talking like him and the girls were laughing hysterically. So we sat down on the couch and Brian continued to do it. He put on hats and used katie’s flashlight as a mike. So then Katie wanted to do it, and Brianna followed suit. So we had to get it on camera and video LOL..

Katie with Brian’s Flyers hat on, holding her flashlight!

Blurry picture of Katie and I, watching Brianna and Brian!

Brian ready to video Brianna once she is done getting her hats and gloves on!

Brianna doing her “show”

Katie getting tired, cloth in hand and binky in mouth. Right before the show was over and it was time for bed!

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