Poor Dora :(

Dora has impacted pouches 😦 Not so bad on the right side, but really bad on the left. It’s awful (it looks like it has been perforated). She has still been eating and drinking, in fact we didn’t even know she had a problem until I picked her up yesterday. For about a week-2 weeks, she has been staying in her smaller cage. She has two one large and one small connected by tubes. Her cheeks are so big she can’t get through them 😦

I of course was so very sad, and I made an appt. for the vet. I had to call several, because not many deal with hamsters. Thankfully the one that will is 10 minutes away! Only a vet can fix it. Brian thinks it is ridiculous to take a hamster to a vet, but she is one of our family. She doesn’t seem to be suffering in anyway, just gets frustrated when she can’t get into places because of her cheeks.

Brianna and I would really be upset if something happened to her. I know Dora won’t be around forever, but to die because we didn’t feel like getting her fixed is unexcusable to me..

Her appt. is Thursday..

28 thoughts on “Poor Dora :(”

  1. I hope the vet can help her out. It’s not silly to take a hamster to the vet, you get very attached to them. I had one in college and she was the best.


  2. Thanks hun, she is really sweet! Even after her huge accident (falling off the top bunk) and recovery (about a month!) She has always been sweet to everyone who holds her and pets her! No biting, the occasional pooping on someone LOL.. I really hope she will be alright!

    What was your hamster’s name and how long did you have her?


  3. Her name was Abby. I got her my senior year and had her for about a year before she passed. She was an escape artist, and liked to sleep on my bed more than her cage. But she was really sweet and only ever bit one person (I shoudl have listened to her since it was the POS boyfriend I had at the time!).

    Piper is really starting to show an interest in a pet, and loves to look at the hamster, guinea pigs, and chinchillas at the pet store. How old were your girls when you got Dora?


  4. Brianna got her as an early Christmas gift last year. So she was 4 and Katie was 1.

    I think looking back, we should have waiting another year. Brianna did pretty well with her, but since Dora’s cage was in her room she would get her out a lot unsupervised, which led to “the accident”.

    Dora has also escaped many times, and thankfully never been caught by Emma (the cat). Though if Emma starts acting strange and hovering over a piece of furniture, we usually know that Dora has escaped and is under there, LOL. We check for confirmation of an empty cage and then get her! So Emma is our hamster radar LOL!

    I love the name Abby, we always name our pets “human” names! LOL, she had the right intuition huh!


  5. poor Dora!! I hope she is all better soon! Faith would be devestated if she lost Angel, they become such a part of the family

    ((hugs dora))


  6. I am thinking of Dora, poor thing! I think Brian will understand more once she is healthy again!

    Keep us posted and I will keep Miss Dora in my thoughts!


  7. I don’t think it’s silly to take your hamster to the vet. Not at all.

    My sister has two guinea pigs – Precious and Love-a-lot (Jaina named her LOL) and they go to the vet regularly too.

    You gotta give love to your animals too 😀


  8. Wow, who knew a hamster could get an impacted pouch? Sounds like it hurts but I am glad she doesn’t seem to be in pain!


  9. Thanks Ella! Brian and I must have sounded hilarious when we were on the phone and he came home LOL.. Our “fights” can be so funny!


  10. Thanks Renee! See you understand LOL!!! Guinea pigs are so cute! Love the names LOL, Jaina did a great job on Love-a-lot, she couldn’t be into Carebears at all could she???



  11. I know right!!!! It does look awful, I can’t even imagine how it couldn’t hurt. Though she did survive that awful fall, so she must have a lot of hamster strength (ok, that just sounds weird), but you know what I mean!!!


  12. Poor Dora :o( I’m glad that you are compassionate towards animals, a lot of people would just ignore her problem. I hope that she heals quickly!

    When I worked at the vet we had a lot of people bring hamsters in, no need to feel silly :o)


  13. Aww I am sorry! Unfortunately Hamsters get sick very fast and also dont have a long life span, My brother use to have to buy my niece one every so often since they always died on them. (Hoping this doesnt happen to Dora) but they also get from what the pet store told me something Wet, where they get sick. I had a guinea pig for Cassidy when she was about 2 and it died within a few months, it was heartbreaking for her so we opted to never buy her those types of animals.. I hope everything is ok!


  14. I don’t like the thought of animals being hurt, especially when you have the means to get them help! I love that show Animal Rescue on animal planet, I should be one of those rescue people, though some of the things you see in that job would probably break my heart.

    I hope she heals quickly too!

    I don’t feel so silly now, I’m not the only one who cares for her hamster enough to bring her to the vet!


  15. Yeah, I hope she will be alright, Brianna got her as an early Christmas present last year. I have read about it, Wet Tail, when they get sick… Some have respitory problems, especially if you use the wrong bedding. Poor Cassidy! I had never owned a hamster before this one, so all this is pretty new to me. We were always a dog family and they were always big dogs LOL!


  16. Poor Dora. 😦 I know I’m late in replying, so how did she do today? I understand why your taking her. This summer we lost Leanna’s favorite goat, I thought she was going to be okay but she wasn’t and Lee and I have kicked ourselves a million times.


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