Mel’s craft party!

Saturday afternoon, Kelly and I went to Mel’s (her sister) craft party. She is a big artist, went to art school and everything. Some of her major pieces are incredible. She is fabulous with working with bronze! Anyway, we went to Michelle’s (Kelly’s other sister) house because that is where it was being held! I love Michelle’s house, it’s just her and their cousin Barb! Her room is done in brown and blue, and I love it, though I am partial to blue, it’s my fave color! I ended up getting a blue key chain and two bottle cap magnets. One with a breast cancer ribbon painted on and the other was a heart with wings. They are really cute, she makes them with bottle caps, paint and resin. Anyway, Michelle and I are on the same page with TV and we were talking about the Scrubs musical. Did anyone see it?? It was great but I only go to see the 1st 15 minutes of it. So she said, well it’s a good thing I taped it, so we all sat down and watched Scrubs! That show is just wonderful, my kind of humor. I ate way to many of Michelle’s chocolate chip cookies! They are fabulous, and so very addicting. It’s funny because I relate to each sister in such a different way! They are awesome and I’m so glad that we have become friends J Michelle (is a hair dresser) and gave Brianna her first haircut!

17 thoughts on “Mel’s craft party!”

  1. I love Scrubs! I seriously tell Sean that I wish they were real and I worked with them cause I love how their relationships are and how they all relate to each other. Sad I know! lol I’m not sure how I feel about the musical, in one way I think it was cheesy, but since I love the show so much I’ll let it slide. The song Guy Love was hilarious though! 🙂


  2. Oh, I want to go to a craft party!

    I haven’t ever watched scrubs. If it comes on before 10 pm I dont get to watch, LOL. I think there were some good shows that started this last season that I would have liked to watch (like Heroes) but didn’t get a chance and I hate coming into something late and not know whats going on.


  3. My tv viewing is very limited these days so I haven’t seen scrubs 😦 My dad however was raving about how funny the show is LOL. My show: Hereos – comes on again tonight. I CAN’T wait 😀

    I’d love to see a picture of the brown/blue room. That sounds so neat – not the right word I’m searching for, but it’ll do – its hard for me to picture even though I think the color combination is nice.


  4. I am glad you had a great time!! How much did you have Brianna’s hair cut? You have to post some pics of it 🙂


  5. I didn’t start watching Hero’s though I’ve heard such awesome things about it. I hate coming into a show and missing the beginnning. I’ll probably catch it when it comes out on DVD!

    Next time I go to Michelle’s I’ll take a pic of her room! The color combo is awesome! I love it 🙂


  6. Same with me, some of them I didn’t start from the beginning because I was busy or out and now I can’t just jump right in…

    You should do a craft party Jessica!


  7. That key chain is so pretty! I need one like it in purple!!
    The bottle cap magnets are cute too! Leah has a cute necklace made from a bottle cap, it says “Tickled Pink!”
    I think that’s a really cleaver idea for magnets though, I might try it! I have a bunch of beer bottle caps I saved for no reason, other than they were Alaska brewed.


  8. I’ll ask Mel if she has one in purple, I can send you one 🙂

    I thought the bottlecaps were really cute too! The breast cancer ribbon one is filled with resin. And the heart with wings is just coated with resin.


  9. Awww, thanks!
    I’ll swap ya for a headband, or something!
    I’ve never worked with resin before, I wonder if it’s tricky?


  10. That sounds like so much fun!!! I have a Stamp/Scrapbook party to go to on Friday. I’m really looking forward to it. I hope you’re doing well!!! Miss you!


  11. I’ve missed you very much! I’m so glad you are back! I’ll definitely be calling you this week! Have fun at your Stamp/Scrapbook party! Those are so much fun! I’m actually going away all weekend to do scrapbooking and hang out with friends! I can’t wait! Are you a big scrapbooker? Did we talk about this before, my memory is totally failing me!


  12. According to Mel..

    “Oh my goodness yes is it hard! I’ve thrown out many projects! Its very tempermental. The climate and weather conditions have to be just right or it can all go sour just in the curing process. It took me many trials to figure that out! ha ha..and I STill don’t quite have it down yet! Its very frustrating to work with but when you can actually get it to do what you want it to do, and it not always giving you “happy accidents”..its very rewarding:) ha ha..Did that answer your question? I just thought it was funny that you asked that because that was what I’ve been dealing with latley with the bottle caps, now that its gotten colder, its not working out the same. I would have had more at the sale, but a lot of them didnt cure right at the end and I was about to go crazy. Its nice to use on like, thinner surfaces like table tops and layering if your into that sorta “artsy” thing. But for thicker projects, for example “artsy things”..ha ha..thats where it gets a little tough. And it turns amber and can get foggy if not cured mixed or cured properly.”


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