25 thoughts on “JEANNIE!!!!!”

  1. After posting this I had to raid the cookies that I made last night.. *sigh* I don’t believe there is such thing as me *dieting* LOL.

    Love the icon! Baby Audrey is so adorable! I love the cheeks!


  2. Thanks! Yes – you saw my whole cookie post. I am a tad obsessed these days. I keepo saying, “this is my last box, really!”



  3. When you posted about those, I thought about picking up a box, but then I thought for sure I would get addicted and decided against it LOL..


  4. Butting in to say…..I’m finding a way to get my Kitchen Aid IN A CABINET today! Out of sight, out of mind….right? Right?

    V – you and I have to STOP MAKING the cookies and Brandi has to STOP BUYING the cookies (and her Mom too!) and maybe together we can kick this cookie habit! LOL 🙂


  5. If cookies were an illegal substance, my house would be raided all the time! I would get jail time for making them, holding them and distributing them to adults and minors LOL!


  6. That’s what I say about my chocolate chip, walnute, craisin cookies. 1/2 cup of craisins equals a serving of fruit, so feel free to eat as many cookies as you can LOL!

    The only cookie I dip in milk are oreos and Brian and I can put those babies away, so easily, they just melt in your mouth!


  7. Oh – I wish I had some Oreo’s right now…..yummy! I dip chocolate chip in milk if they are “crispy” or hard….I like ’em chewy. Peanut butter cookies are good in milk too!


  8. Yes, a crispy chocolate chip cookie is definitely good in milk. I’ve never tried a peanut butter cookie in milk. I actually thought about making peanut butter cookies the other day. I should wait until the cake and cookies are gone. Brian would kill me if I made more cookies, he’s already gained 10 pounds! I’m a mixer addict, send me to rehab!


  9. You better remember to post pics of the cookies and of the Kitchen Aid Mixer before (tempting) and after (out of sight!)

    Seriously going to shower now..

    Can’t believe my one line post about Jeannie’s layout turned into 20+ comments about cookie addiction LOL!


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