The Kids


I don’t quite understand why it is 1:35am. Why I had a conversation with my daughter based on a dream I was having and it took several minutes of that conversation to actually realize that she was really there talking to me and I was talking nonsense. And then her telling me that she had an accident and pooped……. in her bed. I get up groggily and the strong smell of poop greets me as soon as I get to the loft. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I looked at her bed and when I went into her bathroom and saw the underwear on the floor, I thought I was going to keel over right then.. Somehow I kept my cool, somehow I didn’t rant and rave, the Lord?, meds?, who knows.. I was able to get the wet towels out of the washer, put in extra all and clorox 2 and throw in the soiled sheets, underwear and bathmat. Then used my handy dandy clorox wipes to wipe down her mattress cover, the toilet seat and the floor. Brianna already cleaned up and in new pjs and underwear needed a song to go back to sleep. I was so out of it that I couldn’t remember how to sing the song that I sing twice a night, once to her and once to Katie. She settled for twinkle star and I was actually able to get that one right. Now I sit here calming myself before jumping back and snuggling in my own bed.

Brianna’s lesson, sometimes toots are not toots at all. I’m hoping that she learned it well, as I told her for the rest of tonight and tomorrow, if she feels anymore *toots* to please go use the restroom.

Thank the Lord for bunk beds, if I would have had to put on new sheets tonight I would have snapped..

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