So the latest crazy dream I had was based upon getting an “old school” picture commented in my myspace of me and my boyfriend Adam (who is in the band Lucky Boys Confusion, if you ever heard of them) in 8th grade, visiting the private christian school brianna will be attending, talking about brian’s college room mate pat (who hated me immensely), and reading a chlex fanfiction featuring vampires and “claiming” ….

I was at a concert with Brian and looked over to see that pat and josh were there and thought, oh no, here we go. I hope Pat and I can be civil to one another. Then the band announced that they wanted certain people on stage, Brian was one of them. I saw Ann-Morgan and Cheryl from church heading down also. I turn to my right and see Adam and think no way. I go over and say hello to him and somehow we end up kissing. I then say, what was that and then immediately start freaking out and turn around to see Brian. He didn’t see it, but felt it (the whole vampire thing) and I knew I was in trouble as I watched him coming for me and I thought he is going to kill me, literally. I turn to Pat and he says lets go. So Pat and I start running and somehow when we get out of the concert hall we are in the school. I say I have to get my kids, Brian is going to kill us. We are running all over trying to lose Brian in the chase. I get to the classroom and my kids are a boy and girl. Pat grabs them and we take off for the elevator. Two other kids follow us in and I’m freaking out because Brian is almost to the elevator and the kids keep putting their hands in the door so it won’t close as I’m furiously hitting the “close door” button. I finally get them out of the way and it closes just in time. We go down and I push the stop button so we are in between floors, then we alternate going up and down. Finally we go down all the way and make a run for it. We get out to the parking lot and Pat hands one kid to me as we are looking behind us to see Brian hot on our trail. Pat happens to have my keys and my wallet. We put the kids in the car and he gets in the driver seat (the parking lot is very much like we are at an airport by the way) and he pulls out and there is Brian in the middle of the street with four baseball bats. Pat drives by him hitting him. And we go to this booth, like we are paying to get out of the parking lot, but it’s these 4 black guys sitting there talking and the one who is supposed to deal with us is playing the lottery. I’m yelling at him to stop scratching the lottery ticket because someone is after us and then the whole side of the building blows off and Brian is standing there. I get out of the car and go to fight him..

Then I woke up…

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