My dream….

My Mom and I were doing something, not sure exactly what but it must have been a big event because the parking lot was full. We looked forever and forever for the van but could not find it. My Mom went to get security and Brianna was with me, not sure where Katie was. I somehow stumbled upon a man at a desk in a small office with ziplock bags full of pictures. I recognized Brianna in one of the pictures and realized that the bags of pictures were mine and they had been in my van. Then realized that the man had taken my stuff out of my van and had sold the van. I freaked out on him and started yelling obsenities at him. He started to try to attack me and I was fearful for Brianna and I’s safety. I had two choices in front of me a pair of scissors or a pencil. I chose the pencil and started stabbing him repeatedly with it as Brianna watched.

I woke up to Brianna poking me…. It was 2:15am and she had wet the bed..

3 thoughts on “My dream….”

  1. Wow what a dream. Isnt it amazing that Brianna was the one poking you as you were stabbing that man in the dream, its like our minds play tricks on us.. Dont worry about the dream, it doesnt mean anything!


  2. Oh, I hate dreams like that. I’ve had them too.

    I’ll never forget the one where I got shot & I could feel my soul leaving my body. I can’t even describe it accurately – it was AWFUL. It came a few days after having a talk with our pastor during pre-marriage counseling about heaven/hell & the belief of purgatory. Eek.


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