Seriously, as if I don’t have a ton going on, it’s time for my period to show and she is already starting to make her appearance with sore boobs and me feeling like I’m going to bawl any second! I almost wish I could trade that whole emotional bomb waiting to go off for a day of hardcore cramps, because at least I can fight cramps with pain meds and sleep like when I was a teen/college student!!! I never felt the whole emotional time-bomb pms until after having Brianna and I hate it!

I have to bake 28 dozen cookies this week for Brianna’s school fundraiser, actually I only had to bake 14 dozen but I decided since I couldn’t help out in any other way (I usually help make the cookie trays, but can’t since I will be watching Brandon and Clea) I would tack on another 14 dozen..

I just went so Sam’s Club and got bulk ingredients, flour, sugar, brown sugar, chocolate chips, walnuts!

Then to Walmart to get Craisins, flour spray, two more baking pans, foil containers to put the cookies in for transport, baking soda, as well as some other groceries..

I feel like I’m going to explode emotionally and I hate it, but I guess I am thankful because at least I know it’s because AF is coming and not Bipolar related..

I also have been a crocheting fool and I am half way done with a blanket for Grant for Christmas, I started it yesterday.

Brian has a busy week and won’t be available the next two nights, he’s a cell group coach and is visiting two of the groups he coaches, Thursday night we have cell group, Friday night I believe we have free, Saturday night Brian is on call for work, Sunday he has to work 8-5..

It just seems like a crazy, crazy week.

Oh and my throat is starting to get scratchy, I better not be getting sick on top of everything else!!!!!!!

3 thoughts on “Arg………….”

  1. Mmmm, cookies. Such a stressful time with so much to do, but the good kind of busy- doing stuff for those that we love! I’m thinking of you girly!! ((hugs))


  2. I soooooooooo get that time bomb ticking feeling when AF is about ready to come. I HATE it! It’s like…. I KNOW I am being a horribly raggy bitch, but I can’t HELP it. Frustrating Grrrrre

    Good luck on the cookies! That’s ALOT of cookies wow!


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