I’m ok..

My appt. went well. The psychiatrists agree with my counselor that I have Bipolar II. They put me on a mood stabilizer, Trileptal. I’ve been taking it since last Tuesday night, I got a slight headache after taking it the first couple of times, but other than that no other side effects. It’s pretty much been decided that we won’t TTC until about 18 months from now.. We’ll see how that goes. They would want me to slowly ween off the drugs and have them out of my system for 6 months. I had decided that emotionally as well as financially it wasn’t a good time to go on the TTC route.

Thanksgiving was good. My Aunt Sandy and Uncle Jules were in town. It was nice visiting with them and my Aunt and I had fun shopping on black Friday.

Katie and I took a nap today, snuggled on the couch. Brian did so much for me around the house, a ton of laundry, and he put up most of the Christmas lights outside.

There really is more I have to say, but I just don’t feel like talking right now..

I hope everyone is well..

Oh and I want to do Christmas cards this year, so  you know the drill..

I have most people’s addresses from last year I think, but send it to me anyway..

Oh and Nikki, I had never heard of Melissa and Doug toys before, and when I read your post I checked them out. The majority of the girls gifts this year will be the M&D products! Thanks for sharing about them!

5 thoughts on “I’m ok..”

  1. Jordan was on Trileptal for seizures about 2 years ago.. does it make you really tired? We had to stop giving it to him cause he would sleep seriously like 18 hours a day! LOL


  2. So far it hasn’t made me too tired. If I have had a long day of running around I feel more tired than I think I normally would though, and at night I sleep pretty hard.

    Like on Friday, after a morning of shopping with my Aunt, by 5:30 we were playing scrabble and I literally fell asleep at the table LOL..


  3. Glad the appointment went well and you were able to get some answers. I haven’t decided if I’m sending out Christmas cards this year or not due to the new baby. I just can’t decide how we’re going to do it. Anyway, glad you had a great thanksgiving. I don’t hear from you much these days, and I miss you.


  4. I’m glad to hear the appointment went well….I’ve been waiting for an update. The tone of your post sounds sad. I hoping that the meds will help you feel evened out soon. I miss you.


  5. I am glad your appt went well, I have been thinking of you lots!

    My kids love M&D toys, they are awesome. We have lots!


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