My brain sucks today.

It’s like I’m in a complete fog. I’m having trouble remembering things that should come to me rather quickly and having to look things up that I shouldn’t have to look up.

It’s driving me crazy and I feel like I’m forgetting something or a lot of things and I just can’t put my finger on what it or they actually are.

It’s worse that the “on the tip of my tongue” feeling.


4 thoughts on “My brain sucks today.”

  1. I haven’t been on much this week and meant to comment when I saw you post that you are Bipolar II. My MIL is Bipolar I. And right now she’s manic, it’s crazy. She’s changing meds to something that’s new. She’ll talk a mile a minute, and you can be talking to her, then suddenly she’s talking about something else, then right back to the original topic. And she’s extremely forgetful. Ridiculously forgetful. There are diff. kinds of bipolar 1, and she’s the hypo-something one.

    If you ever want to talk, email me.


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