My counselor had her baby this week so I’m on my own for 6 weeks. I decided to see her supervisor, Sharon, as she is filling in for Amanda. I go tonight, hoping it goes well..

What is with all the kiddo’s having troubles with school.

Brianna has pitched royal fits the last two school days, refusing to get dressed and just freaking out about it, so much so that there was no way to even get there. She insists that she hates school now and it seems to be because Paige isn’t her friend anymore, and she wants to ride a school bus and that she already knows everything they are doing and she doesn’t want to learn it again.. I don’t know what to really think about it, I’m going to talk to her teacher today. See how she does in class and if she has noticed anything. Of course now I’m second guessing our decision not to send her to kindy this year..

Katie is doing awesome, she’s been very assertive about the potty and now she must have the door closed when she is going. I can have no part in anything. She is also putting awesome sentences together and just such a ham, makes us laugh so much, but she’s also a clean freak, the world ends when her hands get sticky and she needs a wipe to make them better immediately!

I came home on Satuday after a long day of scrapbooking to the whole family room moved around and I hated it.. I was seething about it.. so yesterday I fixed it by changing it around completely, and I absolutely love it, Brian thinks it’s more homey now. There is a corner that is kind of bare now though, it’s weird, we’ve never had that problem before.

I finished a blanket I was crocheting for Katie. It’s cute, I started it last Friday I think it was. I was flying through it, used three yarn balls…

11 thoughts on “Nervous..”

  1. *Hugs* Hope everything goes okay V!

    My kids go thru the same thing-ALL 3 of them “So and so isn’t my friend anymore…” Then 2 days later they are best friends again, rofl. Thats just what little kids do-I hope they make up (they will I am sure!)

    Don’t second guess yourself though hun-You had no clue and who knows, maybe she IS bored because she knows more already than other kids.


  2. It’s so great to hear from you V πŸ˜€

    Sorry about Brianna 😦 Sounds like she’s not being challanged enough, and what fun is that? hehehehe I’d get bored too. Maybe you could teach her at home a bit after school with more challenging stuff? I know Jackie was WAY ahead of her class in kindy and then most of 1st grade ,they wanted to grade skip her, but we said no way! Good thing too, because she ended up struggling a bit, now she’s bad on track.

    Awwww sweet Katie! πŸ™‚ She sounds SO much like Julie! Hands, comedian, asertive πŸ™‚ Cute!

    I SO wish I knew how to crochet!!!! I would LOVE to make blankets. But it would take my FOREVER w/ my damn hands! lol



  3. It usually doesn’t bother my hands, typing bothers them a lot more than crocheting actually.

    Brian asked me the other night why I could only rub his back for 2 minutes and then have to stop because my hands would cramp up so much but how I could sit there and crochet for hours and them not be bothered. I told him I had no idea, but I don’t really move my hands all that much!

    It’s fun!


  4. Heck yeah I can crochet, only the basic stitch though LOL. My Nana showed me how to do it when I was in elementary I think, in fact the needle she gave me is the only one I have ever used!

    I can’t knit, my friend Kelly does and it looks hard. I would rather stick to my easy crochet LOL.

    Sure I could teach you. We really need to get together again soon πŸ™‚


  5. Thanks Jenn!

    I’m hoping it’s just a phase. For the first few weeks of school, she was changing best friends every day. But this is the first time she has refused to go to school because of it.


  6. Good to hear from you!! My kids will do the same thing occasionally- “I hate school!”

    I always say “Oh, thats too bad. So you hate breakfast? You hate lunch? You hate playing on the playground? You hate painting? You hate centers?”

    and within a few minutes they are both like “uhh, mommy? I wanna go to school.”

    LOL- kids!


  7. Thanks for the prayers- Jack is doing GREAT. I’m ok, too…worn out & overworked & stressed, but hey- I’ll make it, right?


  8. Good to hear from you! Hopefully things go well with the supervisor counselor. Keeping you in my thoughts over that!

    I wanna see the blanket! I have no talent when it comes to those things. It makes me sad that I can’t pass that kind of legacy down to my kids. What is going to happen when all the Grandma’s pass away? 😦 I hope there will be people that still know how to do those things and that it isn’t left up to some big machine.


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