46 thoughts on “Diagnosis….”

  1. it sucks hun that you have to have it. But at least you know why now you feel the way you do and getting on the right meds can help you live feeling alot happier and settled? *Hugs* Im here if you need me. Bipolar runs in my family. My brother is bipolar..I think my other one is too but he doesnt admit anything is ever wrong. I have uncles and aunts too on my moms side. Im suprised Im not bipolar. I got the depression and anxiety but not the highs…only lows. sucks..I say mental illness is worse then alot of physical illnesses.


  2. I am really sorry. I am glad you finally have an answer and I pray that you will begin to feel better. I am always here to talk, I am still fighting depression every day. ~Hugs~


  3. *hugs* I’m sorry Veronica! I understand. Bipolar runs in my family as well. The good news is there are good meds that will help you to live a HAPPY life. You will learn what works & what doesn’t – & if the dosage needs played with. Any diagnosis is a GOOD thing, now you will have some answers of where to go from here. Hang in there I’m thinking of you!


  4. Lots of hugs, hun! I know its hard to hear a diagnosis like that, but you will get treatment and be just fine. Believe me there are SO many people with mental illness in the world today.

    I’m here to talk if you ever need to. hugs!


  5. Well, at least you have your answer now. It is easy to treat so that is the good thing. Just stay on whatever meds they put you on and be diligent with your appointments and I think you will find it isn’t so bad. Give the meds some time to work. Best of luck and if you ever need to chat (I’m bipolar too), rpineda@cableone.net, my name is Kristen.


  6. (((hugs you)))

    I hope this dx is a road to much happiness! It may take time for treatment to work, but I am really happy for you sweetie…esp. that we live in a time where there is less stigma and more help.

    I am thinking of you sweetie. Hang in there!


  7. Veronica, I’m glad to hear they’re giving you a diagnosis so you can start to feel better. I know this is hard on you. Hang in there sweetie.


  8. aww sweety, you know what, knowledge is power! now you can turn everything around and you can live a normal happy life with the right tools and the right knowledge. I am here for you sweety, to support you in every way you need be! ((HUGS))


  9. Whew.
    My prayers are with you! I pray you’ll find (or have found) a fabulous doctor who will be able to help put you on the correct medications, or medical alternatives.
    Have faith my dear! (I know you do!) God can heal anyone!


  10. I’m sorry Veronica. But like others said, at least you got SOME answers. Technology/Medicine is so advanced nowadays that I hope you can find a perfect treatment for yourself. *Hugs*


  11. ok, so this is what you have. So now we look forward to what can be done and most importantly what can we, your friends, do to help?

    I have been praying for you my dear and will continue to do so. Please educate us as you go along, so that we can be in the know as well.

    Much love to you my dear friend!


  12. It does suck. I guess I have known since college but didn’t really believe it, because when I feel good there seems like there is nothing wrong. kwim.. I’m happy to start doing something proactive about it though and hopefully I’ll even out and start to feel myself again, whatever that is..


  13. LOL, sorry, did you see my brain post.. That’s how I have been for the past few days. Even as I wrote Melanie, I kept looking at it trying to think if that was right, along with everyone elses name. Obviously I’m having issues when I have “known” everyone for at least a 1 and as much as 5 years and their names are on the tip of my tongue..


    Love ya MELODY!



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