It’s a wonder I even try to do anything about what is going on with me..

I’m told it would be a good idea for me to see a psychiatrist..

That bipolar is most definitely what I am dealing with and then what..

I sit on this information knowing it’s true but trying to think it away into oblivion.

I finally decide, yeah, this sucks living this way and I really don’t like flying off the handle at times, and being really depressed at times and thinking suicidal thoughts one day and feeling like a hot sex goddess the next. My relationships suffer because of it, working outside the home gets messed up because of it, my marriage gets messed up, my parenting gets royally messed up. I want to be “stable” for my kids and find that I can’t help it when I’m not.. I say, yeah, I need to see a psychiatrist, I agree with you Amanda (my counselor)..

I make calls…

Every damn in-network psychiatrist I have called isn’t taking on any more patients..

I’m extremely pissed off about this, it’s fucking ridiculous..

5 thoughts on “Aggravation”

  1. awww ((v)) Have you thought about traveling a bit… the drive to and from a session might even be MORE relaxing 🙂 ((hugs)


  2. I agree! Make a day out of each session, or at least an afternoon! Get your nails done, get some V time. 😉 I’m sorry hun, I’m thinking of ya. ((hugs))


  3. Sending you loads of hugs, Veronica! I know how you’re feeling. I don’t have bipolar but definitely suffer from depression. It sucks!

    Have you asked your primary care doctor for suggestions on someone to see? Or does your insurance have a mental health line you can call? They could find you one.

    Please know I’m here for you always.


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