letters to kelly

LOL @ the Little girl story!

I’m doing pretty great tonight actually. I kind of had this moment where I thought I was going to cry and something was going to claw out of my chest (darn it i’m having trouble typing this and it’s driving me crazy.. it’s like my fingers aren’t working properly and i keep having to backspace to correct stupid mistakes that shouldn’t be there) anyway.. I felt like I was going to burst into tears and then at dinner I totally just started laughing and there was nothing really that funny going on and since then I’ve been great! I’ve been dancing around the house listening to daft punk because they are happy and the beat rocks and i can totally dance to it and i started doing the laundry that i have left sitting around for days that brian was trying to do but let’s face it i can do it a lot faster and i can do it better and i can do it with a smile on my face.. though he is trying and i can’t complain because i was not myself for a few days but now i feel tons better. and i even shaved my legs after i let brian know how i was a bit upset with him for not informing me how bad they were.. and i still have a boat load of laundry to do but that is a-o-kay.. i thought about calling you to see if you wanted to go out but i know that your mother in law is in town and it would be better to go out another night.. i have a ton to tell you but it’s just not coming out the way i want it to and i’m starting to forget it all anyway. plus my hands are getting super tired from typing and brianna is driving me insane because she keeps coming out of her room and it’s highly aggravating. she just needs to stay in bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hope your sweater was fixed. and the baby stuff to cute. can’t wait to see it when it’s done..

speaking of babies.. barbara case and baby clea came over today and i got to hold her forever and it was so very awesome especially when she did her snugglebear face and i was all snuggling with her and i totally could have another baby. i don’t know what i was thinking before about the whole getting my tubes tied thing, because that is just ridiculous. can you see me with just two kids????? seriously.

i swear if brianna comes out of her room again i’m going to scream!

i made cherry pie frozen of course i still haven’t attempted to make a pie from scratch yet. and i forgot that it was in the oven during my dance/laundry/music capades and brian told me that the timer had probably been going off for awhile and sure enough i went downstairs and the crust was a bit burnt around one side, but oh well.. i know it will taste good anyway. i really wanted cherry pie.. ok i’ve been sitting for way to long and i need to get moving again, but i just wanted to say..

HI KELLY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you have a fantastic night! and i will talk to you later! oh i will ask brian about the whole babysitting thing on saturday.. even though i’m not really sure i’m totally in the mood to do the scrapbooking thing… i feel like being out and about not sitting and doing scrapbooking.. hm… but it would be nice to see jodie again, i haven’t seen her in forever..

and i actually called a psychiatrist today but they have this waiting list so i have to call back in 4 weeks.. can you believe it???? i think that is so freaking ridiculous..

ok.. seriously going now..

peace out!


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