The dublin rec center called my mom to say that their leisure pool is closed. Something has to be fixed. And we were going to have Brianna’s birthday party there tomorrow….

I have no idea what to do now..  We were only having it for 2 hours and just having cake..

My house is a mess because of me being depressed..

Brianna still wants to have it of course..

What am I going to do????????

I suppose have it at the house, but what activities are we going to do?? It’s supposed to be cold and rainy tomorrow..

What a pain in the butt…

*edited* to say that we decided to keep it at the rec center. Hopefully the leisure pool will be back up and running. If not we’ll just do crafts and games and then cake and presents…

7 thoughts on “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO………”

  1. There is a bigger pool, but the leisure fun pool, for little kids is the one that is broken..

    We decided to have it there still. If the pool is back up and running, then yay. If not, we’ll do crafts and games for an hour, cake and presents for an hour..

    And now I don’t have to run around my house freaking out and cleaning..


  2. We decided to just keep it there. Hopefully the pool will be back open. If not we’ll do games and crafts for an hour and then cake and presents for an hour..


  3. I’m glad you’ve figured something out.

    You could always run to Walmart/Dollar Store & pick some arm floaties – hop in there with the kids & they could still have a good time 🙂

    They’ll love crafts I’m sure.

    Now, no more stressing young lady!


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