Insurance Sucks..

It won’t really cover my counseling at all so we will have to pay out of pocket and it’s frustrating because we really don’t have the money… I have a counseling appt. with my new counselor tomorrow night. I really like her and her approach to counseling, so this should be good..

Brianna has really been disrespectful today and I’m just really tired of it.. She is pitching a fit for Brian right now..

I need to go out.. But looks like it might just happen tomorrow.

I really like our churches new website.. They have MP3’s of the music they play..

Alright, just told Brianna that all her toys are being taken away because of her lack of respect for Brian and I, her sister and her stuff…

So much fun….


4 thoughts on “Insurance Sucks..”

  1. Yeah, I just got a statement from my insurance company. I forgot they don’t cover wellcare. So that’ll be $283 for my physical and pap. I don’t know if that includes the blood test or not 😦 Insurance companies are big giant scams.


  2. Ask Brian to check at work for something called Employee Assistance Program or EAP. It’s usually available in larger companies (we have it through the City) and it covers counseling at no cost to employees and their families.



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