A few things….

1. Brianna comes home tomorrow and I am absolutely thrilled!!! I have missed her so very much and I can’t wait until she is in my arms and I get to hug and kiss her and just spend time with her!!!

2. I got the coolest baby gate ever and I installed it downstairs. I will no longer have to worry about Brandon or any other child I watch climbing the stairs and I will no longer have to drag the couch and use Brianna’s anywhere chair to block the stairs! Wahoo!!!!! Very pleased 🙂

3. I’m almost done with Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, it is my second time reading it. I don’t have the Goblet of Fire though, I will have to wait until Peter and Kelly come home from vacation so I can borrow their copy! And I forgot just how much they leave out of the movies and change things around! The books are beyond better, though I do like the movies in their own way.

4. My wrists/hands are really bothering me because I didn’t wear my braces today and I was reading a lot, so holding the book has caused pain.. Blah. I was bad and now I am paying for it. I also forgot to call the hand specialist today, or maybe I just don’t want them to say surgery is the only way 😦

5. I have the whole house to myself, sort of. Katie is asleep. Brian is playing a double header! It’s nice and quiet. I think I am going to go downstairs and put my braces on and finish up Harry and then watch TV if there is something good, or pick a movie if there is nothing good!

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