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Breakfast and cuddle buddies!

They love each other so much!! Sure they have their fights haha, but it is so sweet to hear them talk to one another and see them snuggle! Sisterly love is beautiful!!!!

The girls want to sit with each other during breakfast now. It is so cute! I had to take a picture. Usually they have toast and cream cheese or cereal, but we were out of cream cheese. So they wanted it just plain LOL..

This was taken awhile ago and I forgot to post it!! They are so cute when they cuddle!!

16 thoughts on “Breakfast and cuddle buddies!”

  1. Keep these pictures handy and whip them out when they are screaming I hate you at each other when they are teenagers! Sisters are the best. Isn’t it sweet to know they’ve already got their maids on honor for their weddings?

    They look SO MUCH alike, it is amazing. And Brianna has more hair then everyone in my house put together!


  2. OMG!! That is just too adorable!! I love it when they love on each other like that.. AJ and Gabi do it all the time even though the rest of the time they are fighting!lol Love is Love!


  3. They are so beautiful!!!!! 😀

    I think sisters are the best best thing ever. You are very blessed to have them and they are so very blessed to have each other.

    Just lovely :D.


  4. Awww, how sweet! They’re such beautiful little girls!!!
    Leah used to have the exact same jammies that Katie has on!


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