7th Heaven Finale..

Who watched it???

I thought it was ridiculous to end a 10 year show that way.. The majority of the show was Annie and Eric thinking about what could happen and daydreaming about it. Then the last 15 minutes was just crazy, we’re having twins, no way, so are we, us too! Crazy. And then I’m assuming that Sandy was inferring that Simon was actually the father of her baby and not Martin???

What a waste of a finale 😦

14 thoughts on “7th Heaven Finale..”

  1. I thought it sucked also

    & wtf was up with sandy’s comment?

    I quit watching seventh heaven a few years ago because it started to suck.. but did kinda keep up if nothing else was on or flip there during commercials of other shows


  2. I watched. It sucked. The one thing that REALLY peeved me is LUCY! She is supposedly pregnant enough with TWINS and yet she is wearing regular clothes? Not looking 1 day pregnant. Excuse me. WTH? The triple twins thing was just STUPID too. Yeah, they are all having twins and they are all having boy-boy or girl-girl? Whatever.

    The end with Simon was stupid too. Why didn’t they do a paternity months ago? Why wasn’t Martin in the finale?

    Oh and it was kind of nice that they finally made Mary a good person instead of constantly trashing her…that got old.

    I also hated the reception…I didn’t like having to figure out that they didn’t get married, why not just show them discussing it and agreeing to bail? DUMB.

    Yeah, it blew.

    I enjoyed the show for years, but the end was really crappy, imo.


  3. ****She is supposedly pregnant enough with TWINS to find out the sex (at least 16/17 weeks) and yet she is wearing regular clothes?


  4. I know! Why is Sarah showing so much more???? And Lucy says she feels fat because she is starting to get a bump, please *rollseyes* The fact that it is her second and she’s having twins and that far along, she should not be that tiny!!!!!

    hehe, I’m getting worked up over a show LOL!


  5. I watched. I was dissapointed. PLUS stupid Tivo cut off the last five minutes. So, it stopped right when Sandy said she needed to talk to simon.


  6. I thought they could have done better and I thought the whole 3 sets of twin boys was so cheesy, even for 7th Heaven.
    But, the cheesiness is one thing I love about that show. Lol.

    I do think Simon is Sandy’s baby’s daddy, I always have. I also think Simon and Sandy are meant to be, they’re so much better suited than Simon and Rose were.
    I think it’s crazy that Mary and Carlos are back togehter, expecting twins and there was no explantion.
    I want more. 😛


  7. Adam Krier’s band was called Something Jenny when we were kids, right? Because I know he’s the guitarist in Lucky Boys Confusion now, but I just got back from Quigley’s and there’s a poster in the bathroom for Something Jenny for May 19th. I AM WAY CONFUSED PLZ EXPLAIN KTHX.


  8. Um.. Spinning Jenny????

    That is the band he was in when we were in High School before I moved anyway..

    Interesting.. Maybe the band is still together without Adam..

    No clue..


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