Tomorrow is Friday! *Woot*

Yay for Friday! I know Thursday isn’t over yet LOL, but I’m excited for the weekend. This week went by so incredibly fast. Monday was business as usual. I had a counseling appt. that went well. Tuesday I got sick. I threw up once and spent the rest of the morning in the bathroom with the big “D”… Deana had called in sick as well with a sore throat so I was thankful not to have the boys. I was still feeling crappy *no pun intended LOL* and Katie and Brianna had started with “D” on Wednesday so I told Deana I wasn’t going to take the boys that day. We just kind of hung out and didn’t do too much. We did meet my Mom for lunch though, that was nice for the couple of hours we were out and then I was tired. My Mom also took Brianna for a sleep-over. So it has been weird around here today without her. Brian is picking her up after work! She got a manicure though while my Mom got a pedicure, so I’m sure she had a super exciting time! I can’t wait to hear all about it.

I got my iPod Monday night as well. I just couldn’t wait anymore. The money I had for birthday/easter was burning a hole in my checkbook and since Easter was over LOL. I decided to just go get it and the FM thing so I can put it on the radio in the van! I love this thing! It totally rocks! I just took a bunch of my fave cd’s from my parents as well and put the stuff on there! and I’m about to put all the kids music on there too LOL! It’s nice to be spoiled sometimes and I love music!! I even fell asleep listening Tuesday night LOL. Brian must have taken it off me and put it away because I don’t remember falling asleep and it was on the nightstand when I woke up in the morning.

Alright, got to fold some laundry! I just put Katie down for a short nap, Brandon is sleeping and Conner just got done with dusting (LOL, kid wants to do the craziest things sometimes!)

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