The Kids

Who pushed you out?

The other night Brianna and I were reading a story, in fact it was her Bible. And we were reading about baby Jesus. So she asked who pushed Jesus out, I said Mary.

Then she asked who pushed me out. I had to think for a moment how to explain that one. I told her that a lady pushed me out and then gave me to Abuela and Popi to take care of me. She seemed satisfied with that.

Then I said, who pushed you out? She said you did.

Who pushed Katie out? You did!

Then she said, who pushed Daddy out? I said, GG. She looked at me and said “seriously!” I said, yes, seriously!

Then she asked who pushed Abuela and Popi out. And then started naming her friends.

It was quite an interesting conversation and she is just too cute!

5 thoughts on “Who pushed you out?”

  1. Don’t you love those questions? I know Michael has asked some questions like this…and I started freaking out, I didn’t want to give too much information, but still give him an honest answer that would satisify him.


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