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Easter 2006!

We went to church. The service was amazing, they did an awesome job. Then off to Walmart so I could pick up some Amish potato salad, breyers vanilla ice cream and apple juice. We went to my Parents. The girls got baskets and took off on their egg hunt around the house. Then they got their easter baskets. Mr. Potatohead ones from my parents. The baskets from us were filled with sidewalk chalk, stickers, crayola mini color explosion, candy, activity books, and a tube of jungle animals for katie and 2 puzzles for brianna.Β  We had breakfast and then hung out. My Mom took the girls on a walk and they ended up at the park. I drove down to pick them up. The girls had ice cream and then we went home. The girls zonked out in the car. Brian and I cleaned out Brianna’s closet and finished organizing her room (we painted it on Saturday). They woke up and we had dinner. Finished Brianna’s room, played with the girls then put them to bed. Watched TV after that. It had been an exhausting weekend..


Katie finding an egg on the steps! She was so cute holding her basket!

Pointing out an egg to Katie! Brianna did really well sharing in the hunt andΒ  showing Katie where some eggs were!

Finding one on the chair!

Getting the candy and money out of the eggs!

Waiting on Popi to help her get some candy out!

Getting their baskets!

The girls and Abuela

Katie and Abuela!

Brianna and Uncle!

Brianna and Popi!

Getting ready to leave!

38 thoughts on “Easter 2006!”

  1. Your girls are so beautiful wait until they are old enough to date you guys are going to have your hands full!!!!

    Are you guys coming to Cayman?? When and where are you staying??


  2. We will be out there the 8th through the 16th I think. And my Dad is going to be giving me a whole bunch of info, so I will find out the name of the place! I hope that we can get together!!!


  3. ❀ The girls are beautiful!! I love the potato head baskets, how cool!! I’ve never seen a pic of Dwight, he’s cute!! ❀ You look awesome!

    glad you had a nice Easter.


  4. your family is beautiful. Your mom and dad are beautiful, your brother is beautiful, you and brian are beautiful and your girls are beautiful. Every time you post pictures, the love you all share for each other is so evident. You are a blessed woman my friend and I am so glad to have you in my life.


  5. Awww! The girls are so gorgeous.. Is that you parent’s house? It’s beautifull.. seems so light and airy! Everyone looks like they had a great day.. Oh and can you please please please tell me how you get Briana’s hair like that? I swear Gabi’s is a birds nest!I’m lucky if she lets me comb it out somedays.. I’ve tried detangler, moisturizing lotion, potion No. 9 (which mom who does have curly hair swears by), coconut oil, everything basically but her hair is still always frizzy and dry looking.. Briana’s hair always looks healthy and shiny!


  6. Yep, that’s my parent’s house! It is a very open floorplan! I love their house!

    LOL, about Brianna’s hair. It can and does get extremely tangled at times. All I use is Johnson’s Buddy’s on her hair. The shampoo and conditioner. I use a wide tooth comb and while it is still wet I comb from the bottom up and that’s it. Let it air dry. If I don’t want it to be too frizzy I put some mousse in it, but I usually don’t end up doing that..

    I hope you find something that works for Gabi! I didn’t find stuff I liked for my hair until a couple of years ago LOL. I use blue magic… I love the stuff!


  7. Your family looks to have such a nice and happy easter! πŸ˜€ I’m glad to see these pictures. Brianna’s house is so curly & beautiful. Katie is adorable, too. Beautiful girls there mama, you have the locks ready? πŸ™‚


  8. Thanks Kathy! Yeah it should be interesting when they are older! Brian just might have to buy a gun and two large dogs, LOL!


  9. Not much…just busy with spring break and family gatherings/birthdays/Easter. Then the cable company came and installed a new line for a neighbor and cut our phone line so I was without internet for over 24 hours! I was beginning to suffer withdrawls! LOL


  10. I think I would have died if that happened to me LOL! Shows how much I am addicted to internet land LOL… Glad to see you back! πŸ™‚


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