Yesterday and just rambling..

I went to Meiejer and got the futon frame and mattress! It was the last mattress in the one I wanted, so yay! Then they brought it to the front, I was running late. When they brought it to the van there was no way it was going to fit with just the back seat down. So I had to leave without it. Picked Conner up. The kids played outside all afternoon! I made Brownies for our cell group potluck. Brian got home, we cleaned out the van a bit, got the kids ready and left for the Becker’s! It was nice, we did an extended communion. Then came home, got the girls in bed. Took the second seat ouf of the van and I went and picked up the futon, then went to Walmart to get some things. Got home, unloaded, put the seat back in, I put all the carseats and boosters back in while Brian did the dishes. Then we watched 7th Heaven, we had taped it from the night before. I need to figure out how I want to do the loft, I’m probably going to take everything off the desk and bookshelf and do some rearranging before I start putting it together and I’ll take the queen out of Brianna’s room and put the twin in there until the bunkbed gets here. It shipped yesterday! I hope it doesn’t take too long! My Dad called me up yesterday as well to make a date for lunch on Friday! I was pretty grumpy last night, I didn’t get much done around the house and just felt kind of blah. It looks like it might raid today. Katie is sitting on the floor with the bunkbed receipt and drawing on it. Brandon is traying to go down for a nap, he’s super cranky this morning. Brianna and Conner are about to go outside for a bit! I am going out to lunch with my Mom today! That will be nice, we are trying to decide where we want to go. I’m also in the process of putting every cd we own on the computer so it will be all ready for my iPod 🙂

Alright.. better start doing something around here! Is LOST new tonight??? I hope so!

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