9 thoughts on “*cry*”

  1. You are so NOT alone Veronica!!! I love you! Please PLEASE tell me if I can do anything, I’m always here for you!!


  2. I am sneaking in here 🙂 Did you get my last email?

    I can relate in sooo many ways concerning friendships and questioning things, I can’t explain it or put my finger on it, but I understand. I am going to email you again my dear!!

    Keep your chin up hun! I’ll be thinking of you and praying.


  3. I’m sorry. 😦 I feel like that myself a lot. Usually by this time of year I’m feeling better, but so far it’s not happening. I hope you perk up soon. *hugs*


  4. hmmmm.. have you spoken to someone about your feelings yet mama? It might feel weird but it helps.. Just know you are not alone.. we are all here for you and I know you always have your faith..(((BIG HUGE HUGS)))


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